Let’s Get Physical: A Guide to Plano’s Fitness Options

New year, new you, right? [Insert collective groan here]

Look, getting in shape doesn’t have to be a slog. No longer is it necessary to be chained to a treadmill or stair step the way to nowhere. Channel your inner ballerina at barre, hang ten in a surf class or perfect a left hook in boxing.

But if all this choice seems more paralyzing than mobilizing, use this guide to help find a gym or studio in Plano that will motivate you to get moving — and maybe even have a little fun while at it.

A tutu isn’t necessary for these ballet-inspired workouts, which test the limits of leg strength and give a whole new respect for Swan Lake. Barre classes combine elements of strength training, cardio, stretching and isolated movements for a full-body workout, no pointe shoes required.
Plano Magazine pick: The Barre Code Plano

Put up yer dukes and get ready to have cut shoulders come spring. Boxing workouts use repetitive movements, cardio and strength training for a kickass head-to-toe sweat session that’ll boost confidence and fitness.
Plano Magazine pick: 9Round

These high-intensity training sessions are not for the faint of heart (or body). The emphasis here is on functional movements. The WODs, or workouts of the day, always vary and encompass weight lifting, plyometrics and calisthenics to reshape the body and transform devotees from mediocre to muscle-bound.
Plano Magazine pick: CrossFit Alpha 1 Athlete

Think you just can’t push yourself any harder after running on the treadmill, lifting weights and rowing until you feel like your arms are going to fall off? Think again. These classes use one’s heart rate to tell the real story, which is often that one can go longer and harder than thought. Or maybe not. The goal is to stay within an optimal range to burn calories and build muscle — without killing oneself.
Plano Magazine pick: Orangetheory Fitness

Yes, it’s still a thing. This 47-year-old dance-based aerobic program is better than ever, with updated class formats designed to chisel, strengthen and tone the entire body. But there’s still something for everyone — Grandma and kiddos included.
Plano Magazine pick: Jazzercise Plano Fitness Center

Muscle control and form rule the day in a dojo, where students receive a decent workout, plus lessons in self-defense and mindfulness. These disciplines are well suited for those who aren’t looking for a high-intensity regimen but who crave the physical and mental rigor martial arts requires.
Plano Magazine pick: Gracie Gym Plano

Most people have a love-hate relationship with running, and many fall into the latter category. Since misery loves company, joining a running group could be just what a body needs to turn the tide. Local running stores and clubs offer different levels and styles of training that can accommodate newbies as well as those looking to rekindle the running romance.
Plano Magazine pick: Plano Pacers

The spin classes of today are more sensory experience than leisurely ride. Expect choreography, curated playlists, lights, mirrors and a room packed saddle to saddle. This is high-intensity cardio at its purest without the joint wear and tear that comes with running.
Plano Magazine pick: Lync Cycling

Leave your ego at the door when stepping onto a landlocked, life-size surfboard designed to mimic the instability of being on the water. You’ll lose your balance here and there, but gain core strength, stability and upper body power for your efforts.
Plano Magazine pick: City Surf Fitness

Down dog, cat, cow, cobra, pigeon — yoga practice is equal opportunity when it comes to animal poses. However, no need to stand on your head or tie yourself into knots to reap benefits of this ancient practice. Learn to control breathing and increase flexibility in a few short sessions. Namaste, indeed.
Plano Magazine pick: Yoga Tree Plano

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