Live Well in North Texas: James West

For most people, even when they love what they do for a living, there are times that bring them down, whether it’s a stressful interaction with an employee or working to appease an unsatisfied customer.

Although these situations are not the norm for Plano resident James West, who has been in the restaurant business for more than 20 years, they do happen. To deal with a busy career and life he has developed a few habits for healthy living.

“In addition to practicing yoga, I do a light workout three days a week,” James said. “I also do a lot of reading. I try to keep myself self-disciplined to not let this very challenging business swallow me.”

James West // photos Esther Huynh
James West // photos Esther Huynh

James is the owner of Hub Streat, a restaurant and entertainment venue located in Downtown Plano. Coming into contact with people from all walks of life, he uses the tools he has acquired from practicing yoga to manage relationships. However, it doesn’t hurt that yoga is more than just food for the soul.

“Not only physically does [yoga] make you feel better – because you do lose weight, tone up, and feel healthier,” he said, “but also mentally it is resetting how you see things.”

As a self-proclaimed competitive individual, James recalls that his days in the past as a long-distance runner involved finish lines and great run times. He has managed to stick with yoga for the past four years, though, so something about it clicked for him.

“Yoga itself is at whatever level you want to pursue,” he said. “That’s what’s really cool about it. And because it’s non-competitive, it’s at your time and your pace.”

James West // photos Esther Huynh

Yoga is different for everyone, in terms of what one gains from the experience. However, getting started is easy, and simply put, James believes you just have to commit to reap the benefits.

“It’s holistic for me, and somewhat of a spiritual thing,” he said. “I’ve actually felt a reconnection to God and the universe. For me [that reconnection] was three levels: physical, mental and spiritual.”

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