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Just like cold-shoulder tops, pastel hair and unicorn everything, negativity is officially out in 2019. The world has embraced negativity for too long, especially when it comes to physical appearance. Joining the growing positivity movement is Plano resident Cherri Perkins, who encourages people to be healthy and happy. She does this in her life and through her activewear line called Built in Beauty that focuses on just that: women’s inner beauty.

Although Built in Beauty is still a small business (there are currently just seven products to choose from), it is already making a huge impact. Here, you’ll find tank tops that promote confidence, clothes that fit real women at various stages of their fitness journey and leggings with actual pockets! To hear Cherri tell the story, she didn’t start a company; she started a community.

Built in Beauty founder Cherri Perkins // photos Esther Huynh
Built in Beauty founder Cherri Perkins // photos Esther Huynh

“Built in Beauty is designed to build confidence, create a positive mentality and find the beauty within yourself,” Cherri explained. “I wanted to be a part of something that helped women love their bodies, and I wanted to create a positive environment physically and mentally. Built in Beauty is more than just another activewear company; it is a community for women to thrive, connect and find a comfortable space inside their head and at the gym.” 

Before becoming a fashion designer and business owner in 2017, Cherri worked as a personal trainer. Over the years, many of her female clients complained about workout clothes on the market. Options available didn’t fit right, were only made for a certain body type or just weren’t comfortable. Cherri heard their complaints and decided to do something about it. 

“As women, we put ourselves down. We view other women on Instagram and wish we had their bodies, and, most of the time, we forget to look for the things we love about ourselves,” said Cherri. “Health and fitness are so important to living a full life, but so many women are afraid of stepping foot into a gym because of the way they look. I want women to feel comfortable; Built in Beauty is my way of doing that.” 

When she isn’t busy running her social media and marketing campaigns, Cherri is working with manufacturers to create new clothes to release this year, including new leggings and two more tank tops. “You’ll love the colors and fabrics, and if you are a fan of the TV show ‘Friends,’ then you are in for a surprise.” Her future goals include releasing new clothes four times a year, hiring a marketing manager and finding a partner to invest in her company to help it grow to its full potential.

While waiting for the new product release, fans can shop Cherri’s previous collection online or at various pop-up shops and fitness events in North Texas. She has three tops, two tank tops (including her favorite “Confidence Queen” tank because “the graphic makes you feel powerful and the fabric is so soft!”), one pair of black-and-grey leggings with a side pocket for your phone, and a hat. The average price of each item is $45. 

“If you have a dream of starting your own business or your own fitness journey, do it,” said Cherri. “Starting is always the hardest part, but once you overcome the initial fear, it gets a lot easier. You will always look back and be proud of yourself, as cliché as that sounds. My ultimate goal is to inspire women to find their passions in life.” 

Cherri’s optimistic outlook seems to influence everyone she meets, making it impossible to continue one’s fitness journey, or one’s day, feeling down. Built in Beauty has everything needed to motivate for success – and make you feel like the Confidence Queen you are. 

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