Made in Frisco: Tumbleweed TexStyles

Built on a mutual love of their great home state, Tumbleweed TexStyles is the brainchild of Frisco teachers Brian Wysong and Jeb Matulich. And like most good ideas, this one started at the drawing board. “Basically, I saw him drawing,” Brian says of creative director, Jeb. “I took a look at it, and I was like, ‘Man that’s awesome.’ And of course, it was something Texas-related.”

Tumbleweed TexStyles produces hats, apparel, drinkware, home decor, koozies, stickers–even dog tees.

Being passionate about Texas is a natural fit for the two natives—and for Tumbleweed TexStyles, which isn’t just about Texas at face value, but what makes up Texas. Texas is a way of life, with music, food and people as varied as the climate. And the diversity that composes Texas is reflected in each and every one of Jeb’s hand-drawn designs, as his creative vision churns out ideas for t-shirts, beer growlers, home decor and more.

A local team—“and I can probably say they’re all teachers”—tweaks each design for production, as they go through the process of selecting the right color palettes and preparing products for print. The entire process, from design to delivery, is done “to make sure to the best way possible it’s local,” Brian adds.

Jeb Matulich (left) handles the artistic side of Tumbleweed TexStyles while Brian Wysong (right) handles the marketing side of things // photographed by Jennifer Shertzer at Love and War in Texas

Staying true to what’s local is what Tumbleweed TexStyles is all about. From barbecue to bands, they let Texas culture guide their artistic vision, injecting flavors from Texas history, geography and even language. Influenced by a love of Texas, “everything we do is based off an experience we’ve had, something that we’ve done,” says Brian.

There’s a feeling of authenticity that resonates in what they do—something Texans can really identify with. Everything TexStyles produces is real and hand-made, and the artistry of each design translates to a wide range of personal styles. “It’s just really incredible to see the diversity and how the same design can be worn and merchandised in a different way for different people,” says Brian, of the brand’s knack for nailing down what Texans want.

In true Texas-speak, Brian says they’re blessed and thankful for all the support TexStyles has received from friends, family, the community… and beyond. Turns out, they’ve made some famous fans along the way. Among them are news anchor Tamron Hall, country musicians Zane Williams and Lee Ann Womack, and barbecue personality Aaron Franklin of Texas favorite Franklin Barbecue, “who is kind of the God of barbecue in Texas,” according to Brian.

“It’s humbling, because we’ve never pursued those things,” and the doors have opened naturally, Brian explains, helping turn an initial $700 investment into a thriving and beloved company. The two partners say business has doubled every year since its creation in 2012, racking up sales of more than 150,000 t-shirts last year alone. Customers can currently find Tumbleweed TexStyles at more than 150 retailers—locally, at the Frisco Mercantile and throughout Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas. But the most humbling experience has been simply seeing their merchandise around town. “It’s cool to see that people not only say they like it, but they’re willing to wear it and wear it around,” says Brian.

Some of the new designs from the Tumbleweed TexStyles spring line

This year is shaping up to be another boon for the business. TexStyles’ spring line launches on March 2, otherwise known as Texas Independence Day. Thankful for the support they’ve received locally, the two teachers are thrilled to give back by sponsoring college scholarships for graduating high school seniors through the Frisco Education Fund and through mentorships for local business owners.

After all, they’ve learned quite a few lessons themselves the past few years. “You know, it’s really one of those things that I always tell my students,” Brian concludes. “If it’s something that you work hard for and put your mind to, it’s just amazing how things happen.”


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