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Natural Jewels // photo Jenice Johnson Williams

After experiencing several relatives pass away from cancer, Natural Jewels founder Jewel Georges took matters into her own hands. Recognizing the links between cancer rates and harmful chemicals in many marketplace skincare products, she decided to create safer products free of toxic chemicals and unnatural ingredients.

Knowing that skin is the largest organ in our bodies, the Plano esthetician started by creating body butters, then moved to making body oil sprays and bath bombs. Statistics linking breast cancer to toxic chemicals in deodorants were the catalyst in deciding to create all-natural deodorants as well. She expanded to making candles, room sprays and wax melts because she wanted the same lovely scents for her home without caustic ingredients.

This mission wasn’t just for her own health; Jewel wanted to affect change with her children, family members and anyone within her reach.

Jewel Georges // photos Jenice Johnson Williams
Jewel Georges // photos Jenice Johnson Williams

“I wanted to take control of what I was putting on my body, what I was inhaling in my home and the choices of food that I ate,” she said. “That was when I really took a look at my lifestyle.”

Jewel always had an interest in cosmetology but had never aspired to be an esthetician. She began studies seven years ago because of personal skin issues and medications she was taking. Jewel has pseudotumor cerebri, a condition where the body believes it has a brain tumor, and therefore creates extra cerebral and spinal fluid. She sees a neurologist every six months.

But none of that stopped her drive. Before opening her brick-and-mortar location, her business was mobile, doing events as well as pop-up spa treatments.

“I want to help ladies feel good about themselves, and help correct as much skin as I possibly can,” she said.

At the time Jewel first began work on her skincare line, she was living in Queens, New York, and had been working for New York City Transit for 12 years. But eventually she wanted a more affordable space and a sense of community, which led her to Plano.

Natural Jewels is located inside Phenix Salon Suites, just across Parker Road from West Plano Village. Jewel not only has the Self-Care Café where she can treat customers and sell her skincare line, but also another suite on location where she makes all products by hand.

“What I’m trying to do right now is fuse the two worlds of clinical and holistic together,” she said. “I use natural products to give a clinical result.”

Jewel incorporates her skincare items into all services — whether a facial, an aroma body polish or a corrective skin treatment for hyperpigmentation and sun damage. The Self-Care Café is a place to decompress and relax.

When she’s not working on clients, Jewel sells Natural Jewels products at local events, often with her 13-year-old twins Ashley and Alicia. Her 18-year-old, Autumn, is an aspiring model and classically trained ballerina in New York.

Ashley and Alicia, who are also professional dancers and budding entrepreneurs, are pretty good saleswomen, too. Jewel brings them along as much as possible and is trying to instill an entrepreneurial mind in them at an early age.

“I want them to understand what momma is going through, building a business. This is something that I want to pass on to them, whether they actually create products or become estheticians – although I’m not trying to make them do what I do,” Jewel said. “But I do want to leave a legacy behind where they can direct whoever is in this place when I’m gone on how to continue the Natural Jewels name.”

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