Meet Dr. Kosztowski of Texas Back Institute

Dr. Thomas Kosztowski // photo courtesy Texas Back Institute

Creating Life-Long Relationships with Patients

Though largely known for spine surgery, Texas Back Institute in Plano now has a neurosurgery division. A practicing neurosurgeon there, Dr. Thomas Kosztowski has an intuitive approach to care.

“I love doing surgery and take a lot of pride in my surgical skills and techniques, but I only advise for my patients what I’d want for my family,” he said. “In situations where I think things can get better without surgery, I give it that chance first.”

Dr. Kosztowski is originally from Chicago. He completed his medical training and residency at Johns Hopkins University and was an instructor in spine surgery at Brown University before coming to Texas. In addition to his work at Texas Back Institute, he covers trauma call at a level one trauma center and is involved in research in treating the spine. 

“In situations where I think things can get better without surgery, I give it that chance first.”

He is a strong proponent of preventative care, starting with good back and neck posture as well as living a healthy lifestyle – especially for those working behind a desk all day. He said many individuals with lower back pain need to work on core strengthening, physical therapy or possibly injection therapy as part of their treatment program, but only about 12% of patients actually need surgery. 

Dr. Kosztowski ensures if patients do need to have surgery, their outcomes are successful in order to avoid further neck or back issues. He stresses patient education, making sure they understand what’s going on and are aware of their various options. 

“I am committed to my patients and want to make sure they do well with their treatment program, and that they will thrive for the rest of their lives,” said Dr. Kosztowski, who considers working with his patients a life-long relationship. “I care greatly that my patients thrive in general and get back to the life they had before back or neck pain.”

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