#Changemakers at My Possibilities offer a gold mine of opportunity

ICYMI, tune in: Big things are afoot in our fair city, and it’s all going down at My Possibilities.

For those in-the-know, My Possibilities is a local non-profit North Texas neighbors rely on. It provides vocational education and job placements for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), which may include Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, traumatic head injuries and many more diagnoses.

For anyone unaware, this enterprise is a gold mine of opportunity that needs to be on your radar, both as a user resource and a financial support recipient.

According to My Possibilities’ website:
• 250,000 North Texas residents have an intellectual and/or developmental disability
• 8% with IDD are employed
• 52% of adults with cognitive disabilities leave high school without a diploma
• 62% of parents of adults with disabilities don’t have a future plan

My Possibilities’ participants are known as Hugely Important People (HIPsters), and there’s a reason for that. HIPsters access career services and elective classes on many topics, such as performing and visual arts, wellness and culinary arts, in addition to special chaperoned events such as ladies nights out, guys nights out, sporting events, museums and other outings — well-rounded experiences enabling HIPsters to achieve their highest potential.

Speaking on behalf of My Possibilities — and its personal impact — is HIPster Ian R.

Ian has been associated with My Possibilities for many years, and he was employed for a decade with Venturity Financial Services in Farmers Branch on its document processing and management teams. There he played a vital role at the company making copies, handling daily mail, performing data entry and was — as he puts it, “a Jack of all trades.”

Thanks to COVID’s universal impact, Ian was unable to work and is now seeking a new professional opportunity at a place that celebrates inclusion.

“My Possibilities is helping with interviews and placing me in a new job,” he says. “It’s helpful in balancing my work and life skills.

“My Possibilities has been a testament in my life. It’s given lots of opportunities to explore, make friends and be social. It’s the time of life for that, being around young people,” he says, happily adding that he recently celebrated his 39th birthday.

“At My Possibilities, I’ve met lots of HIPsters. I’m on the foundation board, and my role is community ambassador.”

Aside from finding his next employment opportunity, Ian says he stays busy as a firefighter/paramedic volunteer, since 2003, with different fire stations in Dallas, Plano and Sewickley, Pennsylvania. He enjoys attending church online at Belonging Company Church in Nashville.

Ian enjoys watching movies and competing in Special Olympics, specifically in ice figure skating.

“I am an athlete leader in Special Olympics,” he says. Ian lives with his parents here and his brother’s cat, Baggy, short for The Jungle Book’s Bagheera. Ian enjoys visiting and helping paint and whatever other tasks his brother needs in updating his kitchen.

Explore My Possibilities at mypossibilities.org, discover the endless opportunities and see how you can help hardworking people like Ian.

My Possibilities

3601 Mapleshade Lane
Plano, Texas 75075

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