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Bruce Glasscock // photo Daly Witt

Bruce Glasscock has served the City of Plano for 29 years, holding the office of city manager for the past eight years. As city manager, Bruce handles citizen interactions and council interactions and works closely with the mayor. Previously serving as Plano’s police chief and deputy city manager, Bruce has long played an instrumental role in our city’s governing body. On April 30 he will close this chapter in his life, and head off to enjoy retirement with his wife, Memrie.

Bruce, what are your key accomplishments as City Manager?

There are a lot of things. I think the success that we have had in commercial development, like seeing the Legacy West area develop the way it has and being able to hopefully see Collin Creek mall redevelop. Internally, I’m proud of the passage of the Equal Rights Ordinance and modifying our benefits to address those issues related to equal rights.

What do you think you’ve left as your legacy?

I don’t know that I’ve left a legacy. I think the employees have left a legacy. We pride ourselves on being “The City of Excellence” and it is the more than 2,000 employees that we have in this organization that are providing service to our citizens on a day-to-day basis. The level of caring and professional service that these employees provide is why we are “The City of Excellence.” They just go beyond the expected.

What are your hopes for the future of Plano?

I hope that we can get beyond the adversarial confrontational politics that seem to exist and get back to focusing on what’s best for the city and what’s best for all citizens in the city. It’s not just Plano; it is nationally and at the state level, too, that we have just gotten so confrontational. There is no compromise or collaboration. It seems as everybody has to have it their way or it’s not right. We have got to get back to a more civilized approach to government and be a little more respectful. We can disagree but we can disagree respectfully.

What do you hope for your successor, Mark Israelson?

I hope he has the same successful career that I’ve had. Mark is a bright young man; he’s been with us 20 years. This position has been his goal so he has prepared himself for it. We have a great reputation in this organization of developing and mentoring and coaching new managers for advancement. I’m pleased; they couldn’t have picked a better person.

Do you have any plans after you retire?

I’ll take the first few months and just decompress. I’ve got grandkids here close by, so we will do some things with them. Hopefully I’ll increase my beach time. It really is a retirement. I’m just going to kick back, take it easy, unwind and adjust to the new lifestyle.

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