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Stefanie Johnson lives and breathes bowling. She started when she was six years old and bowled throughout high school and college – never once having used bumpers, she swears. She’s worked as league and events manager at Plano Super Bowl, bowled on Team USA for the past 14 years and won the 2015 World Championship in Abu Dhabi.

Stephanie admits bowling is pretty much her life when not spending precious time with family. To date, she is a five-time world champion, has three national professional titles and more than 15 international medals from Team USA competitions.

Stefanie Johnson // photos Gregg Ellman
Stefanie Johnson // photos Gregg Ellman

What has been the highlight of your career?

My most recent win was here in August. It was my first major championship, which was the QubicaAMF Professional Women’s Bowling Association Players Championship at my home bowling center [Plano Super Bowl]. It was on lanes 41 and 42 – that is my favorite pair. It was really amazing to just win that title in front of my family, my coworkers, my friends. It was a fairy tale experience; I won’t forget that anytime soon.

What do you love most about working at Plano Super Bowl? 

I just love the atmosphere. I love the energy that a bowling center gives. It is just a high that I get because I love so many different elements of bowling. I’ve never had a job outside the bowling industry. I was fortunate to figure out my passion at such a young age, whether it was competing or working or just practicing, I just love being surrounded by people that share that same passion.

Do you hope that your children will pursue a profession in bowling?

Levi is four and Kenzie is 20 months. We expose our kids to bowling, but my husband [Chris] and I are on the same page that we aren’t going to push it on them. That was such a big reason why I pursued it – it was my decision, nobody forced it.

Do you have something exciting coming up that the public can watch?

It’s a World Championship year in 2019. Tryouts for Team USA are always the first week of January so I’ll go to Las Vegas to try out. There, they pick who goes to the World Championship. It’s all announced on January 7. People can check standings on

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