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“This dream got started when I was 6,” June Elisha Parker says in between customers, having returned to the cash register to help a local who’s wandered in to inquire about art lessons. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.” She patiently provides her shopper a schedule of classes and some words of encouragement. The woman’s circumstances are easily relatable; with a stock of canvas and paints, she’s only missing the confidence required to get started.

But June’s seen this situation before. An artist who really never dabbled in art until adulthood, she understands the hesitation to pick up and create. “I think people are just terrified, because maybe they haven’t had a pen or a pencil in their hand to try it,” June explains. “So I think people don’t give themselves enough credit.” June is a firm believer that everyone, deep down inside, is a creative being — whether they know it or not.

June Elisha Parker, owner of Pipe & Palette Home Outfitters

Pipe and Palette Home Outfitters aims to make art accessible to everyone. From studio acrylic and watercolor classes to BYOB mixed media nights and graphic design sessions, June offers plenty of ways for the Plano community to interact with art in “a place where you can grow and feel safe.” June’s happy to have settled in Plano, comparing the community feel of the Downtown Arts District to the small-town lifestyle she experienced attending college in Nacogdoches. She’s pleased to have landed in a place where people help each other and check on neighbors — in her case Shinola, Ten 20 Gallery and Angela’s at the Crosswalk, with whom she regularly collaborates on events.

June’s classes range from painting and mixed media to digital photography and illustration


The store’s location is as storied as the items featured within it. More than 100 years old, June estimates, the building once served as a drug store for Plano families, and it still carries most of the charm from that era. With original ceilings and hints of exposed brick, it’s a fitting location for creative people and products alike. June loves that Pipe and Palette is “an environment where you can feel like this is your home,” made possible by personal touches like the handcrafted, woodsy scent that welcomes you into her artsy storefront.


She dedicates care to selecting the items she’ll feature in-store, often won over by the personal stories behind the art itself. From Velvet Leopard bath products to Southern Blessed candles and the oil paintings she features — because she loves how the artist paints “with the heart of a child” — June is welcoming but particular. Walking through Pipe and Palette, she points out favorite products but refuses to name just one, as she personally loves them all.


One up and coming product line though, is more personal to her than others. Her shop’s namesake furniture line, called Pipe and Palette Home Outfitters, will fully arrive in store this summer. Featuring handmade tables and more, the line will be available across various styles and sizes and can be custom ordered. June feels there’s an appeal to handcrafted furniture, because it’s well-built, attractive and locally made, which appears to be the philosophy behind the store in general.


Whatever you’re looking for, whether a creative experience, an in-depth art lesson or a cool, curated gift, you’ll find it at Pipe and Palette. And when you go, look for June. She’ll be the one welcoming you home with a gracious smile and generous hospitality.

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