Plano is Getting A Little More Pup-Friendly

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Two New Dog Parks Opening in Plano This Year

Looking for somewhere new to take your four-legged friend? Many pet owners already visit the dog park at Jack Carter Park, but a second park just for pups is coming to East Plano this summer at Bob Woodruff Park, located at the Southeast corner of Park Blvd. and Shiloh Rd.

Bob Woodruff Park // photos courtesy Plano Parks and Recreation
Bob Woodruff Park // photos courtesy Plano Parks and Recreation

With five separate enclosures spanning over six acres and dedicated to small dogs, large dogs or senior dogs, you can decide which enclosure to let your dog play in based upon his specific needs. A central shade structure is on-site to allow rest and relaxation. Additionally, there are rinse stations at either side of the plaza.

Plano Parks and Recreation plans to host several special events at the park including visits from the Plano Animal Shelter adoption trailer as well as dog grooming and care demonstrations. Renovations are scheduled to be complete by late summer.

Windhaven Meadows Park
Windhaven Meadows Park

And guess what? A third Plano dog park is planned to be built at the new Windhaven Meadows Park on the west side of town in late 2019. Extending across five acres, this pup-friendly park will be located near the intersection of Windhaven Pkwy. and Spring Creek Pkwy. and is designed to integrate naturally with the existing terrain of the area. There will be decomposed granite pathways, shade structures, seating areas, drinking stations and pet waste receptacles.

So make plans to check out these new dog-friendly destinations once open this year. It’ll be a treat for both you and your furry friend.

Jack Carter Dog Park > Dog Park at Bob Woodruff Park > Windhaven Meadows Park >


Jack Carter Park
2800 Maumelle Dr.
Plano, TX 75023

Bob Woodruff Park 
2601 San Gabriel Dr.
Plano, TX 75074

Windhaven Meadows Park 
3300 Clark Pkwy.
Plano, TX 75093

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  1. says: Richard

    I’m really looking forward to the new dog park at Bob Woodruff and I think the addition of some additional dog parks in Plano is well overdue. My only complaint is that they should include a water feature of some sort. My dog gets so hot in the summer that she can’t run around very long. The Northbark dog park in Dallas has a small lake/pond that dogs can swim in and it’s awesome for keeping dogs cool in the summer. Would love to see something like that in Plano.

  2. says: Tim Stiles

    What I wish is that Plano actually understood that dog parks should be designed for both dogs and their owners. The existing park is a large, barren backyard with tin roofed shelters at the edge. Looking at BOTH of the new parks under construction, the areas where the dogs will be are much the same. In the summer, they will be unbearably hot for most of the day. Everything that makes the Windhaven good for people is outside the dog area. If you want a good dog park, ADD TREES and maybe something more innovative than a large fenced area and tin roofs – such as hills to run up and down, agility features, and even a water pad / fountain. The new skateboard park is a better design for a dog park than any of the ones Plano has or is planning. If you want to see dog parks designed for dogs AND people, visit Addison and Richardson.

  3. says: Greg

    I hope plano isn’t spending money for dog parks because it’d be a waste. There are plent of houses here with backyards that are more than plenty big enough for a dog to play in. It’s only because of the recent years of insecure people that the need for taking their dogs everywhere they go that’s creating issues. You don’t see Cat people needing parks or being allowed into businesses do you?

    Why not spend the money where it’s needed like fixing all the the roads ?

  4. says: Robert

    I want to thank Plano for spending money on dog parks. It is one of the things that a city can do for citizens that make a huge positive difference. Part of being a responsible dog owner is providing opportunities for exercise and social activities. There are plenty of houses with backyards. There are also thousands of apartments with no backyards. There are almost no back yards large enough to provide space for all the different breeds of dog to run. Dog parks enable dogs to learn socialization with other dogs and/or people and exercise to run off energy, just like playgrounds and parks do for kids.

    As a side bar, there are no roads leading to a dog park that are not under repair.

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