Plano ISD reports huge increase in COVID-19 cases


The number of active COVID-19 cases skyrocketed over the past week.  As of Aug. 29, there had been 435 new student cases reported over the past seven days.  In addition to that, there were 49 new staff cases reported over the same time.

To put those numbers in perspective, the previous weekly report showed a cumulative total of 274 student cases and 77 staff cases over the first three weeks of the school year. The school year totals now stand at 709 students and 126 staff members.

Shepton High School reported the most new cases last week with 26.  It was followed by Saigling Elementary with 20 new cases, Plano East Senior High with 18 new cases and both Plano Senior High and McMillen High reporting 17 cases.

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  1. says: Melissa Delzell

    Ya that philosophical opt out has now made us the laughing stock in country. Great job PISD school board. My covid positive 5 year old appreciates you considering their feelings and health/safety first over the people that would threaten your homes and lives if you just had the courage to stand up to them and do your job by putting our children first.

  2. says: Mo

    Our children is in real danger… nobody is concern about our children,
    No Vaccine, No plexiglass barriers,No social distance,No A/C special filtration system…!
    We have to be anxious and worry every day….school year began without consider and provide safty equipmet….!????????????

    Plano, Texas

  3. says: G. R.

    Joshua, please stop feeding the propaganda train. If you are going to report this type of thing, also report what test was given and clarify in your articles that the typical test (PCR) does NOT determine the C-19 virus. It only identifies the presence of the virus which the C-19 virus comes from. Give the other side too. It has been proven ( and one of the inventors of the PCR test has explained multiple times) that the PCR test can’t and does not determine if someone has C-19. Additionally, one can use that test and find that both influenza and the S-C-2 which causes C-19 in someone, at the same time, in addition to numerous other viruses the human body can have one cell of existing. In fact, it can find anything you want it to find, depending on what you want the results to show. So, essentially, by saying the PCR test determined someone has C-19 is the same thing as saying a home pregnancy test can determine if it is a girl or boy vs just the positive/negative pregnancy result, which is impossible. Do us all a favor and report complete facts, not your opinion of what people need to hear based on your own beliefs or what your higher ups tell you to report. This is the type of article that one would call “fake news”, is one sided and stokes the fires of fear, which “they” want us to have so that we just do what we are told. Take your blinders off, look at all the facts and don’t just report fear mongering sides of stories.

  4. says: Donnita

    The numbers for Covid cases reported by PISD are/has been very under reported. In 1 school there are some classrooms with 2 /20 students attending. It’s so serious that teachers are advising children not to remove their masks under any circumstance! My daughter no longer eats lunch in fear of removing her mask. PISD, you do not have the children’s best interest. It’s disgusting!

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