Serena Williams Visits Plano’s Neighborhood Goods

Ashley Graham and Serena Williams visited Plano's Neighborhood Goods // courtesy Neighborhood Goods
Ashley Graham and Serena Williams visited Plano's Neighborhood Goods // courtesy Neighborhood Goods

Not only is Serena Williams a globally celebrated champion tennis player, philanthropist, public figure and new mother, she is also an entrepreneur and creator of the clothing line Serena. Legacy West’s Neighborhood Goods held a private party Saturday evening to welcome Serena’s line to the store and to give lucky guests the chance to meet and mingle with the celebrity. There was also a surprise appearance by Ashley Graham, who interviewed Serena for her podcast, Pretty Big Deal.

Serena’s hashtag proclaims #BeSeenBeHeard and her designs reflect that sentiment perfectly by providing extended sizes that fuel body positivity, sophistication, style and strength. And it doesn’t hurt that all of the pieces are under $200. However, don’t confuse it for “fast fashion.”

Because Serena is strictly an e-commerce brand, the clothing line has only been featured in different cities as a temporary pop-up. This lower overhead cost means that Serena is able to keep all of her items more affordable while preserving a high level of quality. She admitted that she often asks her designers how in the world they are going to continue to create premium clothing while also keeping it affordable, yet she said they do it every time, referencing the cute midnight-blue sequined skirt she was wearing as an example.  

The new Legacy West retailer Neighborhood Goods aims to turn retail on its head by curating a rotating collection of brands that have not been positioned together before – a mix of high end with affordable, and some that have not been offered before in a physical retail location. Serena said she felt that the new store was the perfect fit for her brand. Serena will be available in-store at Neighborhood Goods through Dec. 30.

“They’re a great partner; they’re really changing the idea of brick and mortar shops,” she said. “It’s just a really cool concept. I feel like brick and mortar shops needed a different look, and Neighborhood Goods is doing it and well.”

On a personal level, getting the chance to interview Serena was pretty much a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but a task I would have never thought of doing with my daughter Miah in tow. That was until Serena asked me, without hesitation, where she was after I mentioned I was also a mom to a toddler.

That implied acceptance from one working mom to another was visceral. After all, if you follow sound bites and press about Serena, you already know she is all about female empowerment, support and acceptance.

Given her diverse career, I asked what she plans to teach her daughter Alexis Olympia about staying fresh, innovative and multifaceted. For Serena, it’s all about leading by example.

“I can’t really tell her; it’s better to show her. She goes everywhere with me,” she said. “It is important to me to be a good role model.”

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