Sucré Cafe

Like an afternoon in Paris

The idea of starting a cafe had been brewing in his head for years. Owner Danny Doan wanted a place closer to home, family and to his newborn baby. He wanted something to pass down to his child, and Sucré Cafe was it.

This is Danny’s first cafe, though he has co-owned other businesses including T-Mobile and AT&T shops. “The hardest thing about opening the cafe was just having the courage to do it,” he said.

A barista prepares the Black Espresso Milk Tea at Sucré Cafe // photos by Esther Huynh

On June 30, Sucré Cafe had a soft opening for friends and family. That gave them the opportunity to slow down, add structure and tweak their drinks and menus before officially opening to customers. August 5-7 was the east Plano cafe’s grand opening weekend.

Sucré is French for sugar. Every time Danny traveled, he came home with fresh ideas. His time in Japan and France inspired him most.


The moment you step into Sucré Cafe, you are transported into the magic and mystery of an afternoon in a Parisian cafe. Large, cherry red couches complement the fireplace in the center of the cafe. A decorative bookshelf with candles, teacups and artwork of French scenes adds a calming touch to your chaotic day. Even the counter chairs are charming, with a coffee cup imprinted on the back.

There are also plenty of outlets all over the spacious room and free Wi-Fi is available. Danny wanted to give students a place to study and also first job opportunities, “no questions asked.”

The Chicken and Waffle at Sucré Cafe

Bubble tea places are common in town, but most don’t use fresh fruits the way Sucré Cafe does. Instead of an ice or syrup base for the drinks, Sucré Cafe focuses on fresh, quality food and drinks. None of the food is frozen, processed or pre-made, including the buns and the fried chicken, in their classic presentation of chicken and waffles.

The Braised Pulled Pork Bun and Bulgogi Chicken Bun at Sucré Cafe

Sucré Cafe offers milk teas, special smoothies, slushes, teas, coffee, desserts, buns and snacks, with the option to customize drinks. In drinks like the Fusion Tea, ¼ cup of fresh fruit is added. The idea is for you to “taste the fruit, and not just swallow it,” according to Danny. Their milk tea is made with real sugarcane, the tea is brewed daily, and the boba cooks for at least two hours, made using brown sugar.

Sucré specials include the Pachango, a peach and mango slush. The refreshing flavor and fresh fruit cools you off on these crazy hot Texas summer days. It has effortlessly turned into Sucré’s number one seller and Danny’s personal favorite. The Wildberry is a drink Danny came up with one morning at 4 a.m. It is a green tea with fresh chunks of raspberry, blueberry and strawberry and the invigorating flavor of mint.

Sucré Cafe owner Danny Doan with the Pachango slush

Sucré’s dessert waffles are irresistible and come with an abundance of choices. The waffle includes ice cream, sauces, a choice of four different waffle flavors (blueberry special, original Belgian, green coconut or chocolate chip) and best of all, three fresh fruits of your choice. Danny likes to try out new recipes at home, and the waffles are one of his originals.

You get to decide what goes on top of your Dessert Waffle at Sucré Cafe

This is only the beginning for Sucré Cafe. Keep an eye out soon for Vietnamese/French sandwiches and hand-held crepes, inspired by the Japanese.

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