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Want to visit a hidden ice cream shop, right here in Plano? Head to Legends Thai at 2001 Coit Road, and discreetly tucked inside the restaurant you will find a little slice of Heaven in the recently opened Sweet Melodies. Both Legends Thai and Sweet Melodies are family-owned and operated by Sorvut and Oratai Viratjandr.

The Viratjandr family has been serving authentic Thai cuisine to Plano since 2014. Once their landlord renovated the once sleepy strip mall at Coit Road and Park Blvd. into a trendy Asian commercial center, Legends Thai started to receive a wider variety of guests. The family recognized the opportunity to create their own traditional ice cream in-house so customers didn’t have to go somewhere else for dessert after dinner. After some renovations and interior redesign, Sweet Melodies was born.

photos courtesy Sweet Melodies
Bubble Waffle Cones // photos courtesy Sweet Melodies

The Viratjandrs strive to bring fresh, exotic ingredients to their ice cream to create traditional Asian flavors with a twist. Hand-scooped and soft-serve ice cream are both offered in a variety of flavors such as green tea, taro, coconut, Thai tea, mango, strawberry, salted caramel and more. As an added bonus, they make their ice cream look adorable!

When the family was considering the expansion of their menu, they knew they had to be innovative. They decided to incorporate art into their product to make the difference. Besides offering ice cream and cones in all the colors of the rainbow, the staff craftily adds decor with cartoon characters, colorful sprinkles and music notes pressed into their dishes to add another layer of artistry.

Sweet Melodies serves its house-made ice cream in candy-colored cones made with gourmet ingredients, herbs and spices, and delivered from The Konery in Brooklyn, New York. Current cone flavors include salted blue corn, French vanilla, birthday cake, orange creamsicle, lavender, matcha, red velvet and dark chocolate. The flavors will rotate out periodically. Also offered are the trendy bubble waffle cones.

The name Sweet Melodies stems from fond childhood memories of the neighborhood ice cream truck. “Music is art, so we believe art and ice cream can work together. To us, music, melody and rhythm convey the same meaning. They can trigger feelings from sadness to joy; they can bring memories from childhood vividly back to life,” said Sorvut.

Sweet Melodies is open seven days a week, serving up the most colorful ice cream in town.

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Sweet Melodies
2001 Coit Rd Ste 135
Plano, TX 75075

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