Volunteers in Plano Supervisor Wins National Award

Corina Sadler // courtesy City of Plano
Corina Sadler // courtesy City of Plano

Corina Sadler, Volunteer Resources Supervisor for City of Plano, recently received the Emerging Leader Award for her work with Volunteers in Plano, a program that connects citizens with volunteer opportunities throughout Plano. The Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement, a national organization of professionals who work in volunteer engagement, recognized Corina with this award for her exceptional leadership and knowledge in the field of volunteer resources administration.

Corina started working with Volunteers in Plano (VIP) 11 years ago, and is continually helping City of Plano staff build relationships with Plano citizens. She says the part she loves most is seeing these relationships build impactful programs that serve the community.

“I’m so proud to play a part in adding Plano to a list of nationally recognized volunteer engagement programs,” said Corina. “Having a centralized volunteer program in local government is still unique, and this award proves that we have a timely and relevant mission of serving our community through dynamic partnerships between staff and volunteers.”

Plano citizens who want to lend a hand can find various volunteer opportunities through VIP, the most popular programs being the Plano Animal Shelter and the Plano Public Library. There are also several volunteer opportunities supporting the arts, patrolling neighborhoods and working to keep Plano beautiful.

“When VIP was started by Plano City Council 36 years ago, I’m not sure they could have imagined that a group of 20 volunteers would grow to 10,000 annually,” said Corina. “The Volunteers in Plano program says that the City of Plano is invested in engagement with the people who work, play or live in Plano. Our leadership has always understood the value of volunteerism and how it’s a large part of the spirit of Plano.”

Interested individuals can sign up to be a part of Volunteers in Plano at the link below.

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