The Barre Code Plano: a Community Inside a Fitness Studio

When women join The Barre Code Plano, they are joining more than just a fitness studio. They are becoming part of a community.

“Clients walk in and the staff welcomes them by name. They make friends here, and often, those friendships continue on past the studio walls,” said Julie Godfrey, owner of The Barre Code Plano, which opened in 2015 and was voted Best Gym for Women by Plano Magazine readers three years in a row. “Women at our studio are supported by other women and empowered to be their best.”

“There is always a positive vibe in the studio,” said TBC member Lauren Groh. “There is something about pushing yourself and standing next to other strong women that do the same that gets you motivated. It truly is a no-judgement zone.”

Instead of pushing people to lose a certain number of pounds or allowing self-shaming, classes encourage clients to believe in their own strength

The Barre Code (TBC) is a women’s boutique fitness studio that uses a traditional ballet barre for balance and stability, and a variety of props to give you a new, challenging workout in every class. TBC focuses on teaching cardio, strength-training, restoration and empowerment. Located at 4757 W. Park Blvd., Suite 112, TBC Plano welcomes women of all ages and fitness levels.

“We are all at different levels with completely different lives, but we are accepting and supportive of everyone,” said TBC member Teresa Mackintosh.

Owner Julie Godfrey with client Laysa // photos Jennifer Shertzer
Owner Julie Godfrey with client Laysa // photos Jennifer Shertzer

Julie explained that the entire body is worked using props, body-weight exercises, full-range movements and isometric holds to fatigue muscles. “Ideally, we work muscles to the point of shaking,” she said. 

Classes include Barre Code, which is full-body strength training; BarRestore, which is 30 minutes of strength training followed by 20 minutes of flexibility and restoration; Brawl, which incorporates choreographed kickboxing sequences to challenge the body and mind; and Total Body Conditioning (Julie’s current favorite), which is a boot camp-style class that utilizes heavier weights, HIIT training and plyometric conditioning. Most of the members start with the New Client Unlimited Month package for $99 a month, which is just $79 during the month of January. 

“I’ve seen a lot of changes within myself since joining,” said TBC member Joli Webberman. “Physically, my core has become extremely strong and my arms and legs have really toned up. Mentally, I feel so tough. It has also helped me with de-stressing and sleeping at night.” 

Although Dr. Ayesha Aman has only been a member for three months, she loves it because she has gotten great results in that short time. “It helped me push through my strength and fitness plateau,” she said.

The Barre Code Plano

The best part of TBC classes for many clients is the focus on positive attitudes. Instead of pushing people to lose a certain number of pounds or allowing self-shaming, classes encourage clients to believe in their own strength. 

“Julie focuses on the positive and has really helped me focus on me and what I can do versus competing with everyone in the room,” said member Laysa Fortenberry. “The instructors are great. They cheer you on and offer modifications when needed. Never do I feel overwhelmed or like I can’t do it.”

For Julie, a good day is measured by how well she got to know the women in our community. She said, “We truly do have the nicest clients and staff, and spending time with them inspires me to keep building and growing our community.”

The bar(re) has been raised for Plano fitness studios; are you ready to take the leap and join?

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The Barre Code Plano
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Plano, TX 75093

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