Where to Eat Fair Foods in Plano | 2020

Funnel cake at Norma's Cafe // photo Jennifer Shertzer
Funnel cake at Norma's Cafe // photo Jennifer Shertzer

The State Fair of Texas may not be happening this year, but that can’t stop Texans from getting their dose of fair-inspired food. Eateries across Plano have incorporated State Fair spirit into their menus this fall. All you have to do is visit each restaurant and close your eyes to imagine yourself standing in front of Big Tex – at least until next year!

courtesy Fletcher's Original Corny Dogs
courtesy Fletcher’s Original Corny Dogs

Fletcher’s Original Corny Dogs
Fair-favorite Fletcher’s will be doing pop-ups throughout DFW due to the cancelation of the State Fair of Texas. This includes a pop-up at Plano’s HTeaO iced tea shop Aug. 29. That afternoon Fletcher’s will be serving corny dogs, funnel cakes and lemonade from a mobile trailer. Guests can choose from the original corny dog, jalapeño and cheese dog, bird dog, veggie dog and cheezy pup.

Fletcher's Pop-Up >


Holy Grail Pub // photo Red Spade Media
Holy Grail Pub // photo Red Spade Media

Holy Grail Pub
This Plano spot has annually offered fair foods the month before the start of the State Fair. Every day after 5 p.m. you can enjoy a smoked turkey leg with hand-cut fries, Fruity Pebbles fried cheesecake with strawberry lime jam, and deep-fried candied bacon with maple whipped cream. These offerings are on the menu through Aug. 31.

Holy Grail Pub >


Norma's Cafe // photo Jennifer Shertzer
Norma’s Cafe // photo Jennifer Shertzer

Norma’s Café
On Aug.1, Norma’s began serving a limited-time menu that includes fried favorites and fair classics: mini corn dogs, funnel cake fries, chili cheese tots, funnel cakes with whipped cream, chicken fried steak, deep-fried Oreo churros, bacon mac and cheeseburgers, sausage on a stick and Belgian waffles. While these offerings are on the menu through October, customers will be encouraged to donate to two organizations associated with the State Fair of Texas, the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas and Big Tex Youth Livestock Auction and Scholarship Program.

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courtesy Havin' a Ball Catering
courtesy Havin’ a Ball Catering

Havin’ a Ball Catering
Havin’ a Ball Catering wants to bring a little fair fun to you with its customized catering menu this fall. This locally owned business offers a multitude of themed menus when you hire its food truck, including a State Fair of Texas-themed menu featuring corn dogs, curly fries, Frito pie, loaded tater tots, churros and fried pickles. You can also enjoy delicious desserts, including gluten free options. When you order the State Fair menu, you also get to enjoy games and prizes provided by Havin’ A Ball, perfect for a neighborhood food truck night or family birthday party.

Havin' a Ball Catering >


courtesy First Watch
courtesy First Watch

First Watch
As it does every fall, First Watch has incorporated its Million Dollar Bacon and Holey Donuts into the menu for the season. The irresistable Million Dollar Bacon includes four slices of signature hardwood smoked bacon baked with brown sugar, black pepper, cayenne and a maple syrup drizzle. Holey Donuts are cinnamon sugar-dusted cake donut holes with chocolate sauce and mixed berry compote for dipping.

First Watch >


courtesy Dunkin' Donuts
courtesy Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts
Dunkin’ Donuts is releasing its fall menu earlier than ever before – Aug. 19 – and we’re thinking the Maple Sugar Seasoned Snackin’ Bacon will bring that State Fair feeling right to you. Eight snack-sized slices of bacon flavored with maple sugar seasoning come in a sleeve so you can eat on the go.

Dunkin' Donuts >


courtesy Fuzzy's Taco Shop
courtesy Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop
Get your churros fix at Fuzzy’s. You can choose from the classic cinnamon sugar churros or the Oreo churros – fried-dough pastries made with Oreos and filled with Oreo cream.

Fuzzy's Taco Shop >


courtesy Snuffer's
courtesy Snuffer’s

Thought not seasonal or officially State Fair-themed, Snuffer’s cheddar fries are pretty impossible to beat – and offer the same guilty and delicious feeling you get after a day at the fair. Other menu items that bring about fair feelings are Texas-style nachos, fried pickles, fried mushrooms and onion fries.

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