WOW Donuts and Drips

WOW Donuts and Drips, a 24-hour donut shop, opened in West Plano in late December. General Manager David Sim, a Plano East Senior High grad and UTD grad with a degree in biochemistry, and his family own and operate the store. With over 120 recipes of Instagram-worthy donut creations and modern decor in soft hues, the shop is poised to become as popular for how it looks as how its product tastes. We spoke with David about his new Plano donut destination.

Donuts into infinity // photos courtesy of WOW Drips and Donuts

What food and drinks do you serve?
We serve artisan donuts that we treat as pastries, as well as hand-crafted coffees and teas using the new “Ferrari” of coffee machines, the Alpha Dominche Steampunk. It’s a full-immersion siphon brewer that creates a complex, full-bodied cup of coffee. We also serve pigs in a blanket [called Little Pigs and Big Pigs] that are made with a unique dough similar to pizza dough. We have regular cheese and jalapeño versions.

Why did you choose to open a donut shop?
We wanted to revitalize a timeless classic without losing sight of the true intent of a donut-and-coffee shop: To bring families and friends together. Therefore we created an interior that is warm, inviting, clean and open for people to spend their time here. We noticed that in many donut/coffee shops people grab-and-go, so we really wanted to create a space for people to take time to enjoy the present.

How did you choose the unique flavor combinations for your donuts?
Honestly, just a lot of “R&D [taste-testing]!”

How is your shop different from other donut shops?
We have a large operation with the potential to make a LOT of donuts. During training alone, we made and gave out at least 6,000 donuts to the community. Our donuts require a lot of attention to detail. Our approach to coffee is also unique in the sense that we don’t serve “office coffee.” We are more comparative to a small, local coffee shop that really focuses on serving the best cup of black coffee and teas.

What’s your personal favorite donut flavor?
The Maple Bacon. The combination of sweet and salty really works well together! But the community favorite so far seems to be the Raspberry Cheesecake.

WOW Donuts and Drip’s decor is unlike any other local donut shop. How would you describe it?
Modern chic, as well as soft retro. We took color inspiration from places like Kendra Scott and Tiffany.

What are your prices like?
Our prices are higher than a typical donut shop [the “fancy” donuts are $5 each]. However when you compare prices to other gourmet donut shops like Jaram’s in Far North Dallas or Glazed Donut Works in Legacy Hall, our prices are competitive. For hand-crafted coffee using the Alpha Dominche Steampunk, our coffee prices average $5 a cup. That’s higher compared to fast food coffee, but our product is for people who appreciate the coffee house style environment and understand what it takes to make a perfect cup of coffee.

Since the shop is so new and still in the process of staffing up, its current hours are 6 a.m. to midnight, with the intent of working up to 24 hours in the very near future. Follow WOW Donuts and Drips on social media to keep up with changes in hours.

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