Eerie Evenings at 2019 Apparition Expedition

Apparition Expedition 2019 // photos courtesy Texas Red Productions/Melissa Arnold

At the 2019 Apparition Expedition, ghost stories were told, phantoms came to life and fortunes were revealed. The City of Plano expanded the event to two nights for its third year.

As guests arrived to a spooky scene in McCall Plaza, they were greeted by faceless, ghostly phantoms that echoed the apparitions commonly seen in Downtown around Halloween. These living phantoms guided each group to eight historic locations around the Downtown Plano area including the Beaty House, the Carpenter House, the Cox Building Classroom Museum, a tucked away Masonic Lodge, the hidden bank vault of the A.R. Schell building and more.

At each location, attendees were told story after story of all the haunting happenings that had occurred there.

The guided hike twisted and turned down spooky, phantom-lined streets. At the end of the night, fortune tellers and tarot card readers were on hand to unveil the fortunes (or misfortunes) that lie ahead for each guest.

Here are our favorite pictures that captured this eerie evening.

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