Bar-Ranch Steak Company

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Where’s the beef? In Downtown Plano, soon enough. Bar-Ranch Steak Company, a dry-aged beef retail shop and deli, has plans to take over the old Dude Sweet Chocolate location at 1016 E 15th St. later this year.

Owner Lane Rainwater already owns several successful companies in Plano; Bar-Ranch Steak Company is his passion project. As a previous resident of Downtown’s Junction 15, he stated that opening his shop in a community he loves was a natural decision.

Bar-Ranch Steak Company’s primary business will be selling dry-aged steaks both directly to the public and wholesale to restaurants. Dry aging is a process where beef is stored without protective packaging in a carefully controlled environment with precise temperature and humidity levels. This process improves tenderness and intensifies flavor of the beef. Lane is also planning to have a small deli counter in the front of the shop with a rotating menu offering various sandwiches and burgers incorporating dry-aged beef.

Bar-Ranch Steak Company
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In contrast to many dry-aging rooms which are small and hidden in the back of shops and restaurants, Lane is excited about his plans for a 300-400-square-foot, glass-walled aging room which will allow customers to watch the staff process the steaks and learn a little more about dry-aging. In fact, Bar-Ranch will be all about education, with customers receiving cooking and pairing suggestions when they pick up their steaks.

“You won’t have to be a chef to cook these meats; we will walk you through everything there is to know,” Lane explained.

He’s also a bourbon collector, so he hopes to eventually add a small bourbon and wine room where shoppers can pick up libations to complement the steak they choose. Bar-Ranch Steak Company will also offer cooking classes and catering as well as host corporate events.

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