Children’s Health is the leader in pediatric urology care

Children’s HealthSM has changed the health care landscape in Plano by hiring top-rated, board-certified, expert pediatric urologists to its already nationally recognized team. 

Drs. Israel Nosnik, David Ewalt and William Strand have more than 60 years combined experience in this highly specialized branch of medicine. 

Pediatric urologists are a small community, with only about 400 nationwide. The top three in the metroplex practice at Children’s Health.

These medical professionals treat severe issues such as cancers, renal failures, hydroceles and hydronephrosis intervention, Dr. Nosnik says. They’re also experts at dealing with more routine challenges: day and night wetting concerns, urinary tract issues, and the behavioral sides of matters, in addition to physiology issues.

The doctors commonly address low-stress, in-office circumcisions and circumcision revisions, inguinal hernias and undescended testicles, Dr. Nosnik says. The doctors offer comprehensive prenatal consultation in cases of congenital urologic issues. 

“Kids are not little adults,” he says. “Parent and patient needs are different in pediatric cases.”   

Dr. Nosnik, who is bilingual in English and Spanish, is a graduate of Duke University School of Medicine in Durham, North Carolina. He completed residency training at Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Beth Israel Medical Center, New York City, and fellowship training at Northwestern University/Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago.

Dr. Ewalt’s medical degree is from UT Southwestern. His residency was at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, and his pediatric urology research and clinical fellowships were completed at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Dr. Strand graduated from Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine in Minnesota. His urology residency was completed at the National Naval Medical Center in Maryland, and his pediatric urology fellowship was earned with Children’s Memorial Hospital — part of Northwestern University’s Medical System — in Chicago.

“The success of our practice is in being attentive and focused. We share our personal contact information with patients’ families so we can be reached any time,” Dr. Nosnik says. 

“Pediatric urology is a sensitive topic, since obviously we deal with highly ‘private’ areas. For us, communication is key. We communicate on a level that is understandable, digestible and not intimidating.”

Dr. Ewalt and Dr. Strand, who have partnered since the early 2000s, recruited Dr. Nosnik to join their team in 2014. The group’s impeccable clinical care, family approachability and meticulous attention to detail is the medical game-changer that Children’s Health brings to Plano.

The doctors say they joined Children’s Health because it has provided a benchmark in Dallas-area pediatric care for years. Children’s Health has built a solid relationship network allowing accessibility to highly specialized pediatric anesthesiologists and other referral resources not available in any other medical network. 

As the only center in the North Texas area that is a tertiary center — one where other hospitals send patients — Children’s Health’s goal is already accomplished: to be “the” leader in pediatric urology care, thanks to partnering with Dr. Nosnik, Dr. Ewalt and Dr. Strand.

“Our geographic corridor is one of the fastest-growing population areas in the country, and Children’s Health is filling the gap of world class care right here in our back yard,” Dr. Nosnik says. “Families should be able to access that locally, and get the health care they need. At Children’s Health, we provide that.”

Dr. Nosnik says he and his fellow practitioners have the most rewarding job in the world, knowing they do something every day to help patients.

“In his office, Dr. Ewalt keeps crocheted items, thank-you cards and letters from patients in a binder. He calls them ‘Ewalt’s Kids.’ And Dr. Strand has a shadow box with former patients’ track medals they’ve earned and other mementos sent in gratitude for lives changed.”

Look for compassion, understanding and confidence in your child’s pediatric urology care provider. Call 214-750-0808 and visit the Children’s Health website at  

Children’s Health Pediatric Urology

Children’s Health(SM) pediatric urology care

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