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Dugg Burger Plano // photos Jennifer Shertzer

You can throw a rock and hit a burger joint in this town. A much harder task, however, is finding a burger that truly stands out, one that makes you come back again and again for that perfect handheld. Hoping to fill that slot, Dugg Burger has opened its second location, a fast-casual spot near the intersection of Preston and Park.

Dugg Burger is the brainchild of Jeff Braunstein, Scott Terraciano-Spence, Martin Hennessy and Jeremy Samson.  Armed with more than 70 years of combined experience in various corporate food backgrounds, they wanted to hyper-focus their concept on locality and simplicity.

Dugg Burger menu // photos Jennifer Shertzer

The menu offers only five items (just drawings, no words): burgers, fries, drinks, milkshakes and bread pudding. Says partner Scott Terraciano-Spence of their concept,  “Our idea here is we do one thing, and we do it very well.”

The first Dugg Burger opened just more than a year ago in Dallas and has already earned impressive titles like “Best Burger in Dallas” (Zagat) and “Top New Burger Joints Worldwide” (Burger Business). For a concept born so recently, those are some serious accolades.

So what makes a Dugg Burger unique, you ask? At the start of the line, the inside of each top bun is “dugg” out with a specially crafted tool, creating a hollow-top bun. You’ll be thankful for the extra bowl-like space when you realize just how many signature Dugg Dozen toppings you can’t possibly live without. Then choose cheese (American, pepper jack, cheddar, or Swiss) and the kitchen immediately starts preparing your burger from its premium 75/25 chuck blend.

Here’s where you go to town adding all of the toppings your heart desires. Standard offerings included in the Dugg Dozen are sautéed mushrooms, jalapeños, grape tomatoes, vinaigrette-tossed lettuce, pickles, buttermilk ranch with Cholula, hickory-smoked bacon, fried onion strings, and the signature Dugg Sauce (a Thousand Island base with shallots, capers, roasted garlic).

A fun and quirky addition to look forward to on each visit is the “Lucky 13” burger topping, which rotates every few days. Crafted by staff and sometimes suggested by fans, some past “Lucky 13” options have included wasabi mayo, habanero marshmallow fluff (made from Lucky Charms marshmallows – AMAZING!), bourbon bacon slaw, IPA chili, guacamole, and a creative Love Potion sauce made from Dude, Sweet Chocolate. All the toppings you could possibly desire are all included in the flat price of the burger ($7.75), so seriously, go to town.

Though you’ll likely be full from the stuffed burger and perfectly seasoned shoestring Dugg fries, the milkshakes and homemade bread pudding cannot be skipped – no exceptions. Made from Plano’s own Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream, the milkshakes are only offered at the Plano location. Choose from vanilla bean, chocolate or Oreo. Dugg’s Bread Pudding comes from an old family recipe and is made fresh from the bread scooped out of the burger’s top bun (we were wondering what they did with all that bread!), then topped with a warm, buttery caramel sauce.

Bread pudding
Bread pudding

Pair your burger with a glass of wine from Dallas’ Times Ten Cellars, or choose from a handful of local craft beer options from 903 Brewers, Deep Ellum Brewing Co., Community and more.

Take my advice: Next time you’re looking for your burger fix, don’t leave it to chance. Quit throwing rocks and dig into a Dugg burger.

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