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Pizza is serious business. Be it New York style, Chicago deep dish or Neapolitan, people are downright passionate about their pizza. For Kenny Bowers, native Bostonian and local restaurateur, that passion is on full display for his own East Coast style pizza. After conquering burgers, barbecue, Italian food and more at his five other restaurants in the area, Kenny is bringing his newest concept right here to Plano: Kenny’s East Coast Pizza.

A cheesy slice of The Spicoli pizza (double mozzarella and sausage) at Kenny’s East Coast Pizza // photos by Jennifer Shertzer

What made him decide to develop a pizza concept next? “I’ve been experimenting with pizza for several years,” said Kenny. “First, I worked with some of my favorite pizza makers across the country to develop the right dough recipe, because the crust is everything. Then, I started with the basics, making a classic cheese pizza. With so few components, there really is no place to hide mistakes, so making the cheese pizza perfect was really the indicator that we were ready.”

Chef Kenny Bowers

When asked what makes a pizza “East Coast style,” Kenny explained, “East Coast Pizza is all about the dough. Most places in North Dallas are doing Neapolitan, [the kind of pizza you eat with a] knife and fork. Ours, you can pick up, fold it in half, and the crust is slightly crispy. We also don’t use shredded cheese; we cut blocks of cheese and bake them in the oven.”


“That oven is a Bakers Pride oven,” he continues. “The Bakers Pride ovens aren’t fancy or showy, but they put out the perfect crust! Most of the original New York/East Coast pizza places use Bakers Pride.” That attention to detail and authenticity is evident in every bite.

The bar at Kenny’s features Grey Goose vodka on a frozen tap


It’s not just the food they take seriously at Kenny’s East Coast Pizza, though; it’s also the people. Service absolutely shines at this location, which is another thing we’ve come to expect and love from all of Kenny’s concepts. Genuine, friendly service from people who truly seem to care about and enjoy their work can elevate a restaurant to the next level.

The Hot Mess pizza at Kenny’s East Coast Pizza features mozzarella, sausage, hamburger, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions and jalapeños

Begin your meal with a delicious Philly Cheesesteak Crostini, a juicy order of meatballs, or a Tomato and Mozzarella Salad. Be sure to save room for the main event, though, because their spectacular selection of 14” pizzas is what this meal is all about. You’ll also spot some classic favorites from Kenny’s Italian Kitchen on the menu. The appetizers, pizzas, sandwiches and pastas are a testament to the consistently good food you’d expect from Kenny.

Kenny’s East Coast Pizza features top-notch cocktails as well, including the Sir Charles (with Grapefruit Infused Tito’s Vodka), Sapphire Lemonade (with Bombay Sapphire Gin), a Bloody Mary and, of course, a nice glass of red wine
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