Girl Boss 2020: Courtney Hitt

Courtney Hitt // photo Jennifer Shertzer
Courtney Hitt // photo Jennifer Shertzer

Courtney Hitt is chair of Plano’s Cultural Affairs Commission, a group of residents appointed to ensure the presence and support of arts and culture in our civic infrastructure. She also recently served as manager of the Class 37 project for Leadership Plano, a program dedicated to educating, developing and empowering current and future community leaders.

“The thing that stands out to me about Courtney is what a terrific balance she is of both creativity and organization. A lot of people do tend to favor one or the other – the stereotype being that you’re either creative or highly structured – but Courtney is both,” said co-commissioner Rebecca Anderson. “Courtney is incredibly artistic and extremely diplomatic. She always maintains her composure even in high-stress situations. She’s the kind of person that you want leading your project.”

Courtney joined the Cultural Affairs Commission when she was in her twenties, making her the youngest commissioner in Plano at the time. In that role, she evaluates grant applications for projects in the city, and attends events for those that receive them. She goes to performances – ballets, concerts and art shows – then reports back to the city.

When Courtney was selected for Leadership Plano Class 37, she already had an art walk in mind. Though COVID-19 was a roadblock at first, Courtney championed the project and rallied her classmates. The Plano Art Walk ended up being the perfect class project for this time of social distancing, as individuals can take themselves on a self-guided tour of art and culture around Downtown Plano.

Courtney is also on the Community Advisory Board for KERA and KXT, an accomplishment she is incredibly proud of as a self-professed “radio nerd.” In 2018 she went to Austin to lobby for arts funding through Texans for the Arts. She was scheduled to travel to Washington, D.C. this year to advocate for the arts in Texas on a national level, but that was postponed.

“At the end of the day, I want to inspire young people – especially women – to see that these things are possible. There should be no barriers for anyone. It’s work to break down barriers, but that shouldn’t stop you,” Courtney said.

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