Girl Boss 2020: Ten Women Changing Plano

Every woman remembers her first time. That magical moment when she shattered expectations, reached a personal goal, brought about lasting change and made every man in the room jealous of her success. I’ll let you in on a little secret: Local women are having those moments more and more, as they change Plano for the better.

This year’s #GirlBoss series features leading ladies, directors, presidents and volunteers who are doing selfless things, despite everything 2020 has brought. They have overcome nearly impossible odds – a nationwide shutdown, a devastating economic downturn, the obstacle of social distancing – and come out stronger, more empowered.

Learn about the director of a food pantry who has been safely feeding more people than ever. Observe the work of a woman who helps immigrant families navigate the legal process. Admire the heart of a mother who created a volunteer organization that has changed communities across the country. From supporting cancer survivors and encouraging girls, to battling racism and balancing billion-dollar budgets, these women are inspiring.

One thing all 10 have in common? They innovate and adjust in the face of adversity, working to unite people rather than divide. After reading about them, stand up and join them. Ladies, we’re not done yet.

Here are their stories.

photos Kathy Tran and Jennifer Shertzer
on-set hair and makeup touch-ups Ruth Landa
photo studio The Lumen Room Plano

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