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Good Union Urban BBQ’s story began with a 14-year-old boy washing dishes at the kitchen sink of a local Pizza Inn. As a young man whose parents also happened to be talented home cooks, Mike Leatherwood was raised eating well and working hard, and he fell in love with the restaurant industry in the process. Mike laughs as he says he still finds himself in the kitchen of his restaurants washing dishes from time to time – now a comfort zone and stress reliever.

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After successfully launching several well known Dallas-based restaurants, Mike wanted to bring a new type of barbecue place to Dallas. Enter Good Union Urban BBQ: a meat-centric dining experience where everything is ordered a la carte at the counter. You can come and have a quick business lunch, stay and linger with friends while enjoying their live music on Saturday evenings, or even take home a big ol’ tray of barbecue for your summer party or catering needs.

Good Union Urban BBQ’s Prime Smoked Brisket, Pork Spare Ribs, Big Saucy Chicken Wings, Hot Link Sausage and Peppered Turkey Breast

The meat is the star of the show at Good Union, where even the salads are packed with juicy, delicious protein. The menu offers everything from BBQ by the half pound to burgers, sandwiches, tacos and salads – something for everybody. Choose from Prime smoked brisket, pork, hot link sausage, turkey, or chicken. Eat it plain or as a sandwich, salad, or taco topper, or sink your teeth into one of their five different burger options. Add a classic side dish or chips and queso, and you’ve got a winning combination. Just save room for dessert – the House Made Banana Pudding is a customer and family favorite.

With a mantra that reads “Local, Sustainable, Good,” you’re sure to get your fill of Texas BBQ here.

House Made Banana Pudding

It’s unlikely that you’ll talk long with Mike Leatherwood without hearing him brag on his team. His employees and partners largely influence the decisions he makes on a daily basis, and their long-standing relationships have led to many successful ventures together. Both Mike Robinson, business partner and general manager of Good Union, and pitmaster/kitchen manager Cesar Alvarez have worked with Leatherwood for years, and he convinced them to follow him once again to Good Union to head up the day-to-day operations at his newest endeavor.

Pig Mountain Stacker Sandwich with coleslaw and Smoked Brown Sugar Beans

The team visited several nationally recognized Texas BBQ joints throughout the state, and they combined their findings with many of owner Mike’s parents’ old recipes, using them to create the menu you find on the wall at Good Union.

When asked why he chose Richardson for Good Union’s first location, Mike says, “I really wanted to do something unique in this particular development. We love what CityLine is doing, and we thought we could do something fun here.”

Wingnut Taco and the Border Town Taco with pinto beans

Happy Hour is filled with Lone Star pride at Good Union, with a large selection of Texas craft beers and select Texas-distilled liquor behind the bar to create your cocktail of choice.

They also offer Maine Root fountain sodas for all of your carbonated beverage needs. Maine Root’s Fair Trade Certified, organically sweetened sodas are made with the environment, natural ingredients and good taste in mind. Plus they wash down a juicy barbecue sandwich particularly well, as it turns out.

Craft Cocktails prepared at Good Union Urban BBQ

The best careers are the ones you’re truly born to do, those undeniable “callings” in life. Like any good success story, Good Union Urban BBQ’s tale began with an adolescent who found his mission early in life and didn’t stop until he had made it a reality. Always say yes when you realize what you were created for, as Mike Leatherwood did when he launched his career of entrepreneurship in the restaurant industry.

And always say yes to Texas BBQ. It’ll never steer you wrong.

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