Ice Cream Wasted Brings Boozy Frozen Treats to Plano

“If God gave you the ability to freeze alcohol, you gotta go with it,” says Brigid Calloway, the owner of Ice Cream Wasted.

Ice Cream Wasted – the name speaks for itself – is intriguing in every way. Imagine an ice cream shot with the mesmerizing glow of yellow and purple lilies popping out. That’s called the 24K Golden Milk, and it’s one of the many flavors Brigid offers. Her ice cream is non-dairy, alcohol infused and a satisfying, sweet surprise. She doesn’t follow recipes, but creates new flavors in the moment – like Dragon Fire or Toasted S’mores, to name a few.

24K Golden Milk ice cream shots are topped with edible gold flakes // photos courtesy of Ice Cream Wasted

Brigid started Ice Cream Wasted in Houston, and recently brought it to Plano. Its official opening and first tasting was on Jan. 14. The Plano location is inside a commercial kitchen, but Brigid hopes to find a more permanent location to call home. It is a tasting room, but not an ice cream sit-down shop. Guests are served by appointment only.

Happy guests at Ice Cream Wasted’s opening day

Every 4-8 weeks, Ice Cream Wasted will hold special free tasting days (email subscribers will be notified first), but customers can also book a tasting at any time and sample as many flavors as desired for one flat fee. If a flavor strikes your fancy at the tasting, an order can be placed of any size – for anything from a wedding or corporate event to just a small serving for yourself.

Ice Cream Wasted’s tasting room has a whimsical wall of faux ice cream scoops (the perfect place for a selfie), two white tables and music playing in the background. Come in, sit down and set free. You’re in a place where your favorite childhood dessert and adult drinks mingle. Just go with it.

Ice Cream Wasted’s Milk Dipped in Cookies
Ice Cream Wasted’s Candied Pecan Apple Crisp

Ice Cream Wasted is now scheduling “Love at First Bite” tastings for two on February 10-14.

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