Live Well in North Texas: Heather and Gavin Kim

Heather and Gavin Kim // photos Jennifer Shertzer

Heather and Gavin Kim’s daughters, Ella, 9, and Peyton, 6, got hooked on healthy eating at a young age. When Heather began her business, Berrynaked, more than four years ago, she did so with her family in mind. The eatery, with locations in Dallas, Richardson and Plano, serves pops and purees made from organic fruits, veggies and other all-natural ingredients.

Heather calls Berrynaked her passion project because she was passionate about setting her girls up for a lifetime of healthy eating. “We wanted to feel like we are doing something right,” Heather said, “and also we wanted to give them good habits and help them develop their palate the right way.”

But Heather and Gavin will be the first to tell you it’s not always an easy process to implement a sensible eating lifestyle. As parents, they face the same dilemmas most mom and dads have at the dinner table.

Heather, who wants to clarify her opinions are those of a business owner and mom, not a certified nutritionist, is honest about her family’s mealtime conversations. “We struggle with the same things. My kids, for example, love broccoli, but somehow not green beans, for one reason or another.”

The Kim family // photos Jennifer Shertzer

However, between the two of them, Heather and Gavin have developed some great ideas in the kitchen regarding food prep and presentation. Serving ethnic foods that perhaps represent your heritage – or another – can add a different taste or texture to a not-so-popular vegetable, Gavin explained.

Heather added, “[A food] can be presented in a different way. It could be a new shape, or it could be prepared differently. It could be a certain temperature. Once they have a good experience with a certain food it is much easier.”

Variety can also be a handy spice in the kitchen. Gavin said serving an array of one type of vegetable breaks the monotony of greens. “Just recently we have been enjoying root vegetables, such as different types of potatoes and yams, and also cauliflower in different colors.”

Both agree with the “everything in moderation” adage, but said that their philosophies on healthy eating habits may be different than yours – and that’s okay.

“How to eat healthy has to be a choice that works for your family,” Heather said. “It has to be a something that you can do on a consistent basis and also that your kids enjoy as well.”

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