Live Well in North Texas: Jenice Johnson Williams

Jenice Johnson Williams and daughter Miah Sheree // photos Emilee Prado

Working out is always more fun with a friend, especially when that friend is an adorable two-year-old holding two-pound weights. For North Texan Jenice Johnson Williams, exercising with her daughter, Miah Sheree, isn’t just cute – it’s a necessity. 

“I used to do midnight workouts when she was asleep, but then I decided to just do my workouts with her and record them,” said Jenice. “She would get in front of the screen, and I just rolled with it. Now, when she sees I’m doing a workout, she says, ‘Mats!’ and goes and gets our mats and does stretches with me.” 

Jenice Johnson Williams and daughter Miah Sheree // photos Emilee Prado
Jenice Johnson Williams and daughter Miah Sheree // photos Emilee Prado

Like many other new moms, Jenice missed the body she had pre-baby, but just didn’t have time or energy to keep up with the Paleo diets and Cross Fit-type workouts she used to do. “My postpartum stage was horrible. I just wanted to feel healthier mentally and physically.” 

She started doing Beachbody on Demand workouts at home and has lost 21 pounds and 23 inches since May. In total, she has lost 50 pounds since having Miah. Her routine consists of 30 minutes a day doing HIIT-type exercises, strength-training, stretches, yoga or core work. The online community where she serves as a coach keeps her accountable and helps her encourage others to work out as well. 

Instead of dieting, Jenice uses color-coded containers for portion control. She also drinks tons of water and swears by her “pixie dust shakes” – Shakeology drinks filled with vitamins and probiotics that help curb sugar cravings. 

“I’m a toddler mom, a bonus mom to teens and a wife to a food-lover,” said Jenice. “It’s tough to be super strict; I won’t stick with it. I just try to cook more times than not, and have a treat day – not a treat week!”

Although her life is busy, Jenice carves out pockets of time for personal development. While driving, she listens to inspirational audiobooks about building healthy habits. She finds peace by breathing deeply and being still at times when she can, like early in the morning. And she forgives herself when her day isn’t perfect. “I always know that a bad day doesn’t define my existence,” she said. 

Her best advice for a healthier lifestyle? Just start. Just move. Find a support system. Most importantly – and she doesn’t care how cliché it sounds – know that you are enough. 

For more tips on living a healthier lifestyle (yes, even if you’re crazy busy!), visit the Texas Health Center for Diagnostics and Surgery healthy living blog. 

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