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Neil and Shelley Loving built their dream home north of Plano // courtesy Loving Construction
Neil and Shelley Loving built their dream home north of Plano // courtesy Loving Construction

In a close-knit community like ours, Neil Loving’s full-time job is to break down walls – literally and figuratively. Homeowners residing in Plano neighborhoods including Willow Bend and Lakeside have phoned his company, Loving Construction, for 15 years to help with renovations, from a hard-to-reach lightbulb swap to high-end remodeling. These invitations often extend to births, weddings and funerals, as Neil maintains long-lasting relationships with his customers.

“Neil Loving is everybody’s best friend,” his wife Shelley says.

His customers echo that sentiment. “We’ve been clients of Neil’s for years now,” says homeowner Linda Manner. “He’s handled numerous projects, including a full-home renovation taking us from traditional to full-on modern. In addition, he has been there at every turn as we found ourselves in various binds over the years. His friendship and knowledge have provided a real comfort for us.”

Shelley and Neil Loving

A lifelong resident of North Texas, Neil is committed to completing any residential task customers need. The company can rebuild a floor plan, renovate bathrooms and kitchens, paint, and anything else that will make a home more enjoyable. When February’s inclement weather caused power and water systems to fail, Neil even helped Linda and her family cope with a burst pipe.

He has jobs booked months in advance by repeat customers who call him for their first, and sometimes second, remodel. As Shelley says with sincerity, “Our cup runneth over.”

Shelley and Neil met in 2010, married three years later and spent the last decade building their marriage, careers and dream home near Plano. Shelley is a holistic food educator who offers virtual recipe classes; she’s been featured on local news channels like CW33 and Good Morning Texas. Her business, Shelley Can Help, motivates others to pursue good health through food. Neil also boasts an entrepreneurial spirit, having launched 10 businesses since age 21.

Loving Construction’s origins lie in the holiday decoration industry, when Neil was stringing Christmas lights on homes in the early 2000s, and doing handyman work on the side. One day, a customer asked what other home renovation skills he had up his sleeve. The family had just moved into the neighborhood and needed a lot of work done on the house. Neil was up to the challenge – and has been in the business ever since.

Neil and Shelley designed and built their dream home, the “barndominium,” north of Plano // courtesy Loving Construction
Neil and Shelley designed and built their dream home, the “barndominium,” north of Plano // courtesy Loving Construction

Even after more than a decade, Loving Construction relies solely on word-of-mouth recommendations. “Do what you say you’re going to do, and the word will spread,” Neil says. “Take care of people, and they take care of you. It means a lot to have everybody wanting to refer me out and work with their friends.”

The Lovings broke ground on their own dream home in 2017. Dubbed a “barndominium,” the chic home inside the metal barn frame perches on 55 acres in Van Alstyne. Neil built the house from scratch with plans they drew together. The couple filled the home with hand-crafted accents and assembled every room as a work of creative collaboration. The barndominium even has its own Instagram following.

“Neil and Shelley both serve the community with their respective businesses,” Linda says. “I know many of Neil’s happy clients who feel the way we do.”

The couple are loyal members of the North Texas region, both having been born and reared less than an hour’s drive from their current home. “Community is our life,” Shelley says. “All of our family and friends are here. Keeping relationships strong within the community is super important to us. Neither of us would have a business without that.”

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