Meccha Matcha

“That’s what matcha is for – to feel peace,” owner Joseph Be says. His Japanese-inspired shop, Meccha Matcha held its grand opening in June. Since then, Meccha Matcha has invited Plano customers into the streets of Kyoto and the tradition of enjoying matcha – a special form of green tea. Surrounded by lavender plants, Japanese woodblock prints and paintings (Ukiyo-e) and soothing Ghibli music, one feels connected to the Asian culture.

“What I admire about Japan is it’s all about respect – it makes you want to be part of its utopian society,” the 28-year-old entrepreneur reflects, and Meccha Matcha embodies that elegance in full effect, particularly in the high-quality matcha it uses. The matcha here is a vibrant green, silky and smooth, with a spoonful costing more than a dollar, Joseph says. 

Though meccha, pronounced “met-cha,” means super or very in Japanese, Joseph eases his customers into this rich flavor by offering a variety of cold concoctions. Imagine any dessert or drink in matcha form: floats, smoothies, lattes, teas, ice cream and shaved ice. Meccha Matcha makes it easy to get completely carried away in a cloud of supreme green.

Level 3 Matcha Ice Cream // photos Jennifer Shertzer
Level 3 Matcha Ice Cream // photos Jennifer Shertzer

The key, Joseph says, is finding the balance between matcha and other flavors, like black sesame, red bean, strawberry and hojicha. Joseph describes hojicha as “roasted green tea leaves – nutty, down-to-earth and very different from matcha.” Hojicha has the same health benefits as matcha, also acting like a detoxifier for the body, but tastes earthier.

In a moment of true boldness, try Joseph’s personal favorite, the Level 3 matcha ice cream, which is nearly fifty percent pure matcha. “Some people don’t like that bitter after-taste, but for me, that’s the best part,” Joseph says. Or there’s the magical Matcha 8 Parfait, which looks and tastes blissful with its colorful eight toppings: matcha jelly, whipped cream, red beans, granola, strawberry sauce, mochi balls and double matcha soft serve. The swirly matcha and hojicha mousse cake is already a social media darling.

Since he was a child, Joseph’s life has revolved around his family’s restaurants; it was his one constant where he impeccably blended in. One of his earliest memories, he says, was just sitting in the food court where parents worked, playing with his toy cars. 

Joseph’s passion for different cultures and gaining a global perspective led him to earn a college degree in international relations and continue to work in restaurants. Even now, Joseph is thinking ahead, moving forward at a quick pace and looking to expand Meccha Matcha to Los Angeles and Austin. 

But it all started with Plano. “Plano’s a good market because it’s diverse. People are open to trying new things,” Joseph says. And that’s all he asks, for guests to come in with an open mind and to appreciate the unexpected. These glorious, green, Instagram-worthy desserts could win over just about anyone.

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