Nonprofits Directly Aiding COVID-19 Related Issues: Plano ISD Education Foundation

The Plano ISD Education Foundation provides financial support to educators and academic programs to help all Plano ISD students achieve their full potential. The foundation continued to support students and their teachers through the uncharted waters of remote learning this spring.

One of the foundation’s biggest initiatives is the Core Store, launched in 2016. The Core Store is a location donated by Medical City Plano where Plano ISD teachers can shop for school supplies every year. It provides support to the teachers as well as to the students whose families cannot afford new supplies each fall.

At the onset of school closures, the foundation worked to aid the school district in ways that involved staying at home. “We asked ourselves, ‘What do we need to provide our families for them to be successful in this time?’ Since the schools themselves have been providing meal relief, the biggest need to be addressed was supplies,” said Senior Executive Director Jamee Jolly.

Plano ISD staff and volunteers assembled boxes of school supplies for contactless delivery to more than 600 families // Jonathan Miller, Plano ISD Communications
Plano ISD staff and volunteers assembled boxes of school supplies for contactless delivery to families // Jonathan Miller, Plano ISD Communications

“We took all the inventory in the store and started to package that into supply packs. In each pack there’s about 20 items. Those supply packs are delivered to homes for families that reached out to the foundation and made the request,” Jamee said.

The Plano ISD Education Foundation served about 700 families at home. Each week its team spent a few days preparing the supply packs and restocking. The packs include notebooks, index cards, art supplies, pens, pencils and other items. Volunteers delivered packs to the families without making physical contact.

How You Can Help:

The foundation will need plenty of help restocking the Core Store for the Fall, and any supplies and financial donations are welcome. When offices begin reopening, consider having a supply drive at your place of work.

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