courtesy OMGelato
courtesy OMGelato

Newly open OMGelato is a gelato and sorbet shop with a unique approach to making its flavors. Each scoop is frozen using liquid nitrogen and is customizable from more than 50 base flavors.

Mehrdad Tabrizi and his son, Reza Tabrizi, immigrated from Iran four years ago. They then worked for two years developing recipes and shortly after, decided to open a gelato shop.

“Back in Iran, I tried liquid-nitrogen gelato, and when I got the States, I decided I wanted to start a store like it. After a couple years of trying to create my own recipe, I opened the gelato shop,” Mehrdad said.

Mehrdad was an agricultural engineer in Iran, and never pictured himself owning an ice cream shop. But when he moved here he wanted to start fresh, and this idea excited him.

courtesy OMGelato

The shop opened here in October, and Mehrdad has been pleasantly surprised by the amount of customers they’ve had already.

The liquid nitrogen process allows gelato or sorbet to be customized on the spot. OMGelato’s variety of base flavors offers customers the opportunity to have any desired combination of flavors, and to have it freshly made.

“For example, if someone orders strawberry, we will cut actual strawberries and blend them in a mixer with a couple of other ingredients,” Mehrdad said. “Then, we mix in the liquid nitrogen and it causes everything to freeze. Plus, the ice particles are as small as possible and that ensures creaminess.”

On top of gelato and sorbet, OMGelato also offers milkshakes and espresso-based drinks.

courtesy OMGelato

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3289 W Spring Creek Pkwy
Plano TX 75023


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