People of Plano: Ron and Deborah Pierce

Ron and Deborah Pierce // photo Jennifer Shertzer

More than a decade ago, Ron and Deborah Pierce noticed a need for a high quality, reasonably priced event venue in our area. Previously living in L.A. and New York, Ron had seen rundown buildings transformed into beautiful commercial centers. A longtime resident of Plano, Deborah saw the potential in the building at 1013 E. 15th Street. When it went up for sale, the couple purchased and renovated the historic structure. Using combined backgrounds in marketing and design strategy, the Pierces opened event1013 in 2009, and the building was designated a Texas historical landmark in 2013.

What kind of events do you hold at event1013?

Ron: We always knew it was going to be great for weddings and businesses. We have every type of celebration, whether it is 50th birthdays, quinceañeras or bar mitzvahs. We have art galleries, pop-up stores and have even been a filming location. We really like a lot of the charity work and fundraising work because we feel good about our space being used for that. But I think anything with the arts, whether it is music, dance or paintings, is what I really enjoy seeing in the space. 

Ron and Deborah Pierce // photo Jennifer Shertzer
Ron and Deborah Pierce // photo Jennifer Shertzer

What makes your venue unique?

Deborah: Since neither one of us has any venue background, we didn’t come with all these preconceived notions of how it should be run. We talked to people who had just had events or who were planning them, and that’s how we developed our policies and procedures. The whole business plan was based on our research, so we do most things very different than other venues.

Ron: This is a very flexible space. We have put a lot of effort into creating an environment that will allow our client a lot of creativity and individualism and allow them to put their own fingerprint on any event here. 

What do you offer clients who book their event with you?

Deborah: We can provide a day-of coordinator, decor set-up and take-down and servers. We have a catering kitchen and a bridal suite where brides can get ready.

Ron: We have a team of people here that have consulted with our clients and have learned a lot about what it takes to hold a successful event. We have consultations with our clients; we do this a couple of times over the course of planning their event and work through all the details and make sure they have thought of everything. Our expertise that we’ve developed over these 10 years has been invaluable for our clients to make sure that they have a properly run, smooth event when the time comes. 

Can you talk about the history of the building?

Deborah: [Lengthwise] this is the longest building in downtown and it is the longest continually operating retail space. It was built after the 1896 fire in Downtown Plano. In 1906 S.J. Mathews came in here and put in his general store. In the ‘60s it was the Nathan White Department Store. He lowered the ceilings and covered up the brick walls and added that building in the back. It took a year to renovate from the time we bought it from the time we opened. When we pulled off all the layers of concrete and plaster and drywall to reveal the brick, the building started to tell a story. It revealed its history as we went through it. One thing we found were stacks of handwritten sales receipts, all tied with a little twine and bow. I saved them because someone put so much love and care into saving these things. I eventually made the lampshades that are in that little lounge area; they are made of those sales receipts. 

What do you like about being part of the Downtown Plano neighborhood?

Deborah: I’ve always loved Plano. We always wanted to get back here because all of our friends and family were here. Living in California, every place I went, I was a stranger. But in Plano, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t run into someone that I already know.

Ron: I love the place, I love the buildings, but it really is the quality of the people that has got me so excited. I feel a part of a community now rather than just a person in a big city.

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