Plano East Senior High Students Bring Talks on Innovation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship to Plano

Talks on Innovation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship (TILE) is the world’s largest conversation series that facilitates accessible conversations with fascinating people. This worldwide network of over 350 independent student-run chapters has made its way to Plano at Plano East Senior High School. 

Rajiv Swamy, Plano East Senior High student, was one of the founders of TILE^Plano in October 2017, along with his three friends, Kavin Sitsabeshon, Arun Eswara and Rekha Swamy. Together, these students handle everything from content to logistics to marketing. Rajiv even serves as the Regional Director of the Southwest United States for TILE. 

TILE Talk from the TILE^Plano chapter at event1013 // photos courtesy TILE^Plano
TILE Talk from the TILE^Plano chapter at event1013 // photos courtesy TILE^Plano

TILE^Plano consists of about 30 students who pool resources together to organize events and gain publicity. Some students are responsible for connecting with entrepreneurs and businessmen in Dallas to invite them to speak at monthly TILE Talks while other students are in charge of connecting with other students to bring awareness to the group. 

“TILE is a club where you can have experience working together with a fully fledged team combined with an engaging learning experience of the different areas you may want to go into in the future,” said Rahul Patel, a member of TILE^Plano. 

Luke Stipanovic, another Plano member, said, “TILE is a great group of like-minded people who encourage each other to become the leaders of the future.”

The TILE^Plano chapter typically meets at event1013 in Downtown Plano once a month. Susan Hill serves as the faculty sponsor for this chapter. 

TILE^Plano has two remaining TILE Talks at event1013 this year, at 6 p.m. November 13 and 6 p.m. December 3. The November TILE Talk features Mel Gunawardena, a managing partner at Synergen Health, and the December TILE Talk features Paul McEnany, founder and CEO of the Plein Air Agency. All talks are free and open to the public. 

The TILE motto states, “We make insights from leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs accessible to everyone,” and the TILE^Plano chapter is doing just that. 

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