Plano International Festival

Cynics like to joke that Plano is pretty vanilla. But the sights at this year’s 10th Annual Plano International Fest easily crushed that misconception.

On the afternoon of October 18th in downtown Haggard Park, music, food, fashion, art and performances dedicated to nations all around the globe opened our eyes to how richly diverse our city really is. We saw belly dancing, martial arts demos, and traditional Aztec dancing. It was a proud moment to witness kids of all ethnicities dressed in their native costume, embracing their culture alongside the adult performers.

International Fest /

Equally impressive was the fact that the festival aimed to be a zero waste event. Green Ambassadors faithfully hung out by the waste bins to help you sort your trash, hoping to recycle or compost almost everything thrown away during the afternoon.

My daughter raced around the park, filling up her “passport” with stamps from several countries within minutes. Even if she’s never lucky enough to visit some of these places, she got a small taste of them from this remarkable event.


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