Rum Cakes Factory

Rum Cakes Factory // photos Samantha Marie
Rum Cakes Factory // photos Samantha Marie

Jorge Saab earned his engineering degree at a university in Venezuela before relocating to Miami with his father. Both men believed that staying in their home country would endanger their lives; they were able to find refuge in Florida where Jorge’s father purchased and began running a bakery.

“My dad and his wife – my stepmom – have both loved baking their whole lives. When I was 12, I started baking with her a lot and I fell in love with it,” Jorge said. “I never had a chance to put my engineering degree to use, but I enjoyed getting more into baking and decorating by working for my dad.”

In 2016, Jorge decided to move to the DFW metroplex, envisioning it as the perfect place for his own bakery filled with rum cakes.

owner Jorge Saab // photos Samantha Marie
owner Jorge Saab // photos Samantha Marie

“Rum cakes are my favorite cakes, and I thought it’d be unique and innovative to have a bakery where all the cakes are rum cakes, and not just vanilla or chocolate, but also red velvet and carrot cake and so on. I’ve never heard of another bakery that has a large variety of rum cakes, so Rum Cakes Factory was born,” he said.

Jorge started the business in Carrollton, and opened a Plano location in August. The menu offers a wide variety of cakes and cupcakes – strawberry, flourless chocolate, red velvet, Grand Marnier, amaretto, lemon, carrot, coconut, chocolate, marble and vanilla – all infused with rum.

German chocolate rum cake and cupcake with a chocolate-covered rum ball
German chocolate rum cake and cupcake with a chocolate-covered rum ball

The rum cakes have less than 0.5 percent alcohol, but for those who prefer to completely abstain, the shop also offers rum-free tres leches cake, tiramisu, alfajores, red velvet whoopie pies and choconutella chip cookies.

“When I moved to the U.S., I only had $500 in my pockets. When I moved to Dallas, I only had enough money to rent an apartment,” Jorge said. “There were times when I was starting Rum Cakes Factory that I thought, ‘This isn’t going to work,’ but here we are.”

Strawberry rum cake
Strawberry rum cake

Rum Cakes Factory is a well-loved establishment in Carrollton, and Jorge is excited to watch his bakery become a beloved part of the Plano community as well. His grit and determination as an immigrant and business owner shows through in the care he takes in each cake he bakes.

Customers may order online or schedule a consultation if they’d like a custom cake for a special celebration. Rum Cakes Factory is primarily a carry-out bakery, but customers may sit at one of its tables to enjoy a slice and cup of coffee.

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6101 Windhaven Pkwy #140
Plano, TX 75093

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