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“Enough is not enough.” The prevailing sentiment at Plano’s Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe is not just a rallying battle cry for dessert aficionados; it’s also the driving force behind the owners’ dedication to perfection.

Howie Ewe and Amy Wong first opened Sweet Hut in Atlanta, Georgia in 2012. They eventually expanded their family-owned business to five locations across the greater Atlanta area. With their first foray into Texas, Sweet Hut’s newest location has brought a variety of Asian delicacies, snacks and drinks to the northwest corner of Coit and Park in Plano. The boutique bakery and bistro opened Saturday and is already poised to become the go-to neighborhood cafe.

An assortment of sweets at Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe in Plano // photos Jennifer Shertzer

Boasting over a hundred sweet and savory menu items, ranging from samosas and fries to lattes and pastries, Sweet Hut integrates a multicultural approach to their home-style treats. As Business Operations Manager Jane Ewe explained, “You will see Cantonese, Taiwanese and Malaysian Chinese influence in our bread products, as well as some European desserts as well.”

However, don’t be overwhelmed by the wide-ranging menu offerings because a few customer favorites easily stand out. The most popular pastries are the BBQ Pork Bun and the Egg Tart. In a single day, Sweet Hut can sell as many as 1,000 egg tarts! The Salt & Pepper Chicken Nuggets are another best-seller. “Once you’ve had one, you really can’t stop until the whole thing is gone!” Jane playfully warned.

Thai Iced Tea at Sweet Hut

As for the drink selection, the signature Sweet Hut Milk Tea is a must-try. Featuring Taiwanese loose leaf and premium non-dairy creamer matched with honey boba, it makes the perfect treat, either as a drink or a dessert. Other regular fan favorites include the Thai Iced Tea and the Taro Milk Tea. Given the choice of two free toppings plus the option to customize the sweetness level as well as the ice level, every milk tea will be served just the way you like it.

Aside from the food and drinks, what sets Sweet Hut apart from other bakery-cafe concepts is its emphasis on community. Jane pointed out that the entire store was designed with this ambience in mind. The interior is bright, open and spacious enough to accommodate plenty of seating, including a large patio area out front. “We aim not only to be a bakery, but to serve as an everyday cafe for our local neighborhoods … We want to provide a place for our community to feel a sense of home when they visit.”

Ready to satisfy your cravings for breakfast, lunch, dessert and even late-night snacks, Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe is open 8 a.m. to midnight Sunday through Thursday, and 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. It may take a few visits before you make a dent in their extensive menu, but as the saying at Sweet Hut goes, “Enough is not enough!”

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