The VOID Hyper-Reality Experience at Cinemark West Plano

“Imagine physically stepping into a new world, being transported into a story you see on screen. Now at Cinemark, with The VOID, you can,” said Craig Watson, chairman and CEO of The VOID.

Cinemark, headquartered in Plano, has partnered with The VOID, a critically acclaimed global leader in fully immersive, location-based experiences, and ILMxLAB to create “Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire,” playing currently at Cinemark West Plano.  This location is the first in-theater, hyper-reality experience in all of Texas.

The VOID // courtesy of Cesaley Sparks
The VOID // photos courtesy of Cesaley Sparks

Through The VOID, guests are able to step into their favorite movies and play an active role in the plot. By strapping on a vest, helmet and virtual reality goggles, guests are transported to a new world where they hear, feel, smell and see what it would be like to actually be in the movie along with their favorite characters.

“Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire” allows guests to walk freely and untethered through the experience, engaging all of the senses. Teams of four guests are disguised as Stormtroopers and given a mission to steal critical intelligence. Plano Magazine team members were offered the chance to try it out, and we were amazed that we could actually see our team members fully realized as Stormtroopers, that we could smell scorched earth in the lava pits, feel the bullets of Stormtroopers “hitting” our chests and reach out and punch real buttons inside an Empire spaceship.

The VOID headsets and vests // courtesy The VOID
The VOID headsets and vests // courtesy The VOID

“At Cinemark, we are passionate about creating the ultimate entertainment destination and are thrilled to partner with The VOID,” said Mark Zoradi, Cinemark’s Chief Executive Officer. “The VOID’s hyper-reality technology will introduce our guests to a brand new way of interacting with cinematic universes and beloved characters.”

The VOID plans to offer a variety of content in the near future. “Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire” is currently playing at Cinemark West Plano, but James Meredith, senior vice president of marketing and communications for Cinemark, told us plans are in the works for an upcoming “Wreck-it Ralph” themed experience.

Reservations are highly encouraged for “Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire” at Cinemark West Plano. The experience is limited to guests 10 years or older and minimum height of 48 inches. The cost at Cinemark West Plano is $29.95 per person.

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