10 Best Burgers in Plano

Not much else can beat that first bite of a juicy burger. And Plano is full of quality hamburger joints lined up one right after the other. But, they are definitely not all created equal. After meticulous research spent test-driving varieties from classics to new-flavor combinations, the results of our top 10 faves are hereby announced.

Country Burger // Emilee Prado

Country Burger

For more than 40 years, Country Burger has championed the reliable, old fashioned hamburger. Theirs is comprised by a 1/3-pound ground beef patty and served with mustard, lettuce, tomato, onions and pickle. Meatheads should upgrade to the Texas Chili Cheeseburger served with signature specialty chili. It may be a bit messier than Country Burger’s standard ones, but the delicious flavors are worth extra napkins and won’t break the bank at $5.99.  

Country Burger >


Dugg Burger // photo Jennifer Shertzer

Dugg Burger

Dig into a Dugg Burger to enjoy more bang for your buck. The Dugg team scoops out the inside of the top bun, which creates a little haven for fresh toppings. This means diners can get their mouths around a stacked burger without fear of missing any ingredients. After picking a protein and cheese, diners can select premium add-ons, like the signature Dugg sauce, Chile Lime Slaw and Hickory-smoked Bacon – all for the same flat rate of $7.75. Be sure to ask about the “lucky 13th” topping. Dugg features a new topping each month for a limited time.

Dugg Burger >


Grubb Burger Bar // photo Nicole Forzano

Grub Burger Bar

With fresh buns made from scratch every hour and meat ground daily, Grub Burger Bar takes the time for everything comes out its best. And while those house-made ingredients really do shine in some of the simpler creations, life’s too short not to try the extravagant Mac ’N’ Cheeseburger, topped with mac ‘n’ cheese, cheese sauce and bacon. Listed for $8.50, this combination of comfort foods is sure to put a smile on diners’ faces. 

Grub Burger Bar >


Kenny’s Burger Joint // photo Jennifer Shertzer

Kenny’s Burger Joint

Some hamburgers are too massive to just be handled with our hands and demand the use of a fork and knife, like Bud’s Queso Burger at Kenny’s Burger Joint. The half-pounder is topped with bacon, sautéed onions, jalapeños and enough queso to fill the plate. The richness of this mouthwatering burger may induce a slight food coma, but the $8.99 burger has diners coming back time and time again. Be sure to order up Truffle Parmesan Fries to double up on the savory goodness. 

Kenny's Burger Joint >


Knife Burger // photo Kevin Marple

Knife Burger

John Tesar, the brain behind Knife Burger at Legacy Food Hall, uses a more traditional build for The Ozersky, which is available for $6.95. With a 44 Farms five-ounce patty, red onion and American cheese on a white bun, this succulent classic reminds locals why they fell in love with burgers in the first place. For something different, The Pimento elevates the typical cheeseburger by combining its five-ounce patty with pimento cheese, sautéed onions, bibb lettuce, tomato slices and a white bun – all for $10.95.

Knife Burger >


ShackShack // photo Esther Huynh


When the NYC Madison Square Park hot dog cart known for its cult following landed in Legacy West last year, it promised to be a hit. But it continues to thrive because of its juicy flavors and fresh ingredients. A ShackBurger keeps it basic with cheese, lettuce, tomato and ShackSauce. But the result is a delectable burger you’ll want to scarf down in one bite. Add a side of cheese fries and frozen custard to travel back to simpler times. 

Shake Shack >


courtesy Smashburger


Smashburger has made a name for itself in the burger space with its ultra-thin – or smashed – patties that are packed with flavor. While fresh cucumbers might not sound like the typical cheeseburger topping, the Spinach, Cucumber & Goat Cheese Burger adds a sense of crispness to the typical cheeseburger. The patty is also topped with red onions, tomatoes, and balsamic vinaigrette while sitting on a multi-grain bun. It’s the kind of healthy alternative that makes ordering a side of SmashFries, topped with rosemary, olive oil and garlic, a little bit easier.    

Smash Burger


courtesy Snuffer’s


This 1978 restaurant got its start on Lower Greenville, but it quickly became a staple throughout the entire Metroplex. Snuffer’s serves up true Texas flavors in bold specialty burgers – like the Green Chile Cheeseburger, made with green chile, cilantro, pepper jack cheese, chipotle dressing, red onions and tomatoes, which is available for $8.49. Don’t forget about the famous cheddar fries, which are arguably reason enough to swing by the West Plano restaurant. 

Snuffer's >


courtesy Village Burger Bar

Village Burger Bar

One of the best gluten-free hamburgers in town can be found in Shops at Legacy at Village Burger Bar. Any of the cheffed-up burgers can be prepared with a gluten-free bun, served with a lettuce wrap, or made into a salad. Everyone can try out quality burgers, like the Dougie – made with cheddar cheese, lettuce, bacon, onion, a cage-free fried egg and village sauce – which is listed at $7.10. Round out a meal with scrumptious sweet potato fries, which are tossed in cinnamon and local honey. 

Village Burger Bar >


Ye Ole Butcher Shop // photo Jennifer Shertzer

Ye Ole Butcher Shop

Local carnivores know Jeff Sparks has been selling exotic meats for more than 40 years, but burger enthusiasts may not be as familiar with Ye Ole Butcher Shop’s menu options. While there are plenty of meaty offerings, the Buffalo Burgers are unlike anything in the area. Sourced from Lawton, Oklahoma, this premium patty shines in the All the Way Burger, which is available at $7.59. Its lighter flavor and tender meat has locals coming back to this meat market time and time again. 

Ye Ole Butcher Shop >
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  1. says: T.J. Cordes

    Where’s Olive Burger at Parker & Custer???? I’m a huge burger fan and their 4.6 star ratings are well earned. What they lack in ambiance, they make up for in the food.

  2. says: Paul Lewis

    Kenny’s is hard to beat when they are on their game. I’ve gotten some spoiled champagne sauce and some other minor issues. Applebee’s has a better burger than any of these other places. Olive burger cooks their meat well done, so you have to ask for any other preference on doneness. But, they are Ok and will satisfy the burger crave. They probably have more indian food than anything else. There’s an indian place called Jimmy’s Burgers that is like Olive’s, it serves Indian food, too. It’s on the east side of Independence just north of the Spring Creek Rd. crossing in a strip mall. Good food, but service can be lacking. You can always go to the counter yourself and get refills on drinks. Scotty P’s at Parker and Custer is good but too expensive for the dollhouse size burger you get. Agree with the other post on Rocket Burger. It’s small, the lady and her husband who run it are extremely kind and wonderful people, living the American dream. It’s tucked away in a tiny strip mall near Coit, on Frankford. There’s a donut place next door! Mmmm…

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