Barkley’s Corner Inside B&B Furniture Consignment

B&B Plano owner David Reichman with Barkley // photos Jennifer Shertzer
B&B Plano owner David Reichman with Barkley // photos Jennifer Shertzer

B&B Furniture Consignment started in Richardson about 40 years ago as Baubles and Beads Resale. The Plano location of B&B came onto the scene nine years ago, and is strictly a furniture and home decor consignment shop, unlike the Richardson location which sells women’s clothing as well as furniture.

David Reichman, owner of the Plano location, said that B&B Furniture Consignment in Plano has always incorporated creative ways to keep business fresh. “Two years in, we opened up a candy kitchen in the back of the store,” he said. “We helped develop a company called Texas Toffee. In a five-year period, they became so large that they moved into their own brick-and-mortar.”

B&B Furniture Consignment // photos Jennifer Shertzer
B&B Furniture Consignment // photos Jennifer Shertzer

That initial partnership inspired the team at B&B Plano. “We wanted to open up a little country store in the back of our store. And then, when this pandemic started, we began to see a lot of small businesses lose their vending opportunities at farmers markets and places like the State Fair,” David said.

There’s a few hundred square feet in the back of B&B Plano that’s currently being reserved for vendors needing retail space. Businesses that usually did sales at markets and pop-ups can now operate out of the Plano consignment store. David offers each vendor free space to sell goods seven days a week, and simply takes a small percentage of gross sales.

Barkley's Corner inside B&B hosts locally owned businesses
Barkley’s Corner inside B&B hosts locally owned businesses

This is a win-win scenario. Vendors who were scrambling due to the pandemic now have a place to make sales, and the booths will hopefully generate more visitors to B&B Plano.

David’s golden retriever Barkley is a vital part of the in-store shopping experience. He’s always there, greeting visitors with a wagging tail and a soft belly to scratch. Due to Barkley’s popularity, it seemed only natural that the market in the back be called “Barkley’s Corner.”

Barkley’s Corner is still looking for more vendors before announcing a grand opening later in September. It currently has a variety of businesses that have signed up, including The Amazing Dip Company, a candle maker, Crave Popcorn and a new business that makes dog treats called Doggy Dippers. Interested vendors can email David at for more information.

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