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Daniel Mofor is a man who won’t be caught out of style. It matters not if he’s grabbing groceries or taking his kids out to a nice dinner; he always looks at the top of his game. But Daniel is more than just a man with top-notch fashion sense. He is the founder of Don Morphy, a luxury clothing company focused on making gentlemen look fantastic – as simply as possible. 

Things didn’t start off with fine Italian leather and heavy stock textiles for Daniel. He was born in Cameroon and started learning about fashion early from the best – his mother. She was a women’s fashion designer, focused on wedding gowns and the like. “I got the bug from her,” Daniel said. “Now I just can’t help it.”

But the bubbling idea of men’s fashion design sat on the back burner for a while. In 1999 Daniel moved to the Dallas area to get his degree in computer engineering. With this degree he set out into the workforce, relocating to Arkansas for a job at Walmart’s corporate center. But Arkansas is certainly not the fashion hub of the nation. “It wasn’t hard to be the best dressed person there,” he laughed. “Here in Dallas, you get dressed well to go to the bars. In Arkansas, when you go out, it’s the opposite.”

Daniel Mofor on location at Kenny's Smoke House in Plano // photos Kathy Tran
Daniel Mofor on location at Kenny’s Smoke House in Plano // photos Kathy Tran

While working for Walmart, Daniel never stopped following worldwide fashion. “I go to Italy three or four times a year, and I used to attend all the top fashion shows there,” he recalled. It was during these visits that Daniel started noticing a trend, a tidbit of information that he believed could give him a leg up on the American market. “You can see the trends. You can see what’s coming [to the U.S.] in the future.” After 11 years working as a computer engineer, he started changing gears.

Daniel began his fashion journey with shoes, designed by him and produced in Naples. From 2014 to 2016 he focused solely on footwear. Although he was coming into the market as a newbie designer, it was hard to argue with his success. His shoes were quality stitched, stretched and hand-finished, eventually garnering attention from designers around the world. If people took notice of just his shoes, he thought, then how would they react to more? 

Last year, Don Morphy took its first step into the men’s fashion game with a line of suits, jackets, undershirts and tuxedos that adhered to that same dedication to quality. Daniel again found success. “Throughout my life, I found I loved events where I was the best dressed man there, but I wanted to help other guys, too,” he said.

He started showing his fashion line on the runways of New York, Paris, Houston and more. Celebrities began wearing his designs, and the media noticed that Don Morphy was focused on making men look good without caveats. “I was lucky enough to be featured in a lot of magazines,” Daniel said. “Vogue, Esquire, GQ, all those publications. As well, I had a lot of people following me on Instagram.”

Daniel and his sons, Dacyn and Joedan
Daniel and his sons, Dacyn and Joedan

A Don Morphy custom-made suit takes an average of two to three weeks to complete. Customers may shop online or visit the Dallas showroom for an in-person consultation. Suits vary in price depending on cut, customization and fabric, but typically begin at $1,500. These handmade suits are made from a choice of more than 15,000 fabrics with meticulous attention to fit and detail. Ready-to-wear shoes and accessories are also available on the website and at the showroom.

Whether it’s for an A-list celebrity, or his own two young sons, Dacyn and Joedan, Daniel always gives the same attention to each individual. With a showroom in Dallas and a home in Plano, Don Morphy could quite possibly be one of the fashion seeds that take root, changing the face of fashion not only in Texas, but the world.

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