Girl Boss 2019: Shanette Eaden

For nearly a dozen years Shanette Eaden has been working to make Plano a better place for all citizens. As the city’s housing and community services manager, she’s helped countless people navigate their way through difficult times.

Shanette leads many of the city’s homeless outreach efforts, spending hours at a time seeking out those who are most vulnerable. Among the other initiatives she oversees are the housing rehabilitation program and ones that provide mortgage and utility assistance.  Through grants and community outreach efforts, she assists organizations like the Boys and Girls Club of Collin County, Turning Point Rape Crisis Center, City House and Hope’s Door New Beginning Center. She’s also been a longtime advocate for the day labor center, which provides a safe environment for contractors and able-bodied workers to connect.

“I’m a fan of Plano taking care of Plano residents,” Shanette said. “We really are trying to take care of everybody.”

While Shanette has been lauded for her community outreach efforts, those who know her are even more impressed by her can-do spirit and boundless optimism. Director of Communications and Community Outreach for City of Plano, Shannah Hayley says that Shanette is a bridge-builder who’s been known to pull from her personal resources in order to help others.

“She’s one of those unique individuals who has deep relationships with people from vastly different backgrounds, and her passion for helping others comes through in all contexts,” Shannah said. “She goes out of her way to help others and make things better. And she does it with kindness and joy. You can’t help but want to be her friend.”

Shanette says her strong Christian faith motivates her to keep working and stay positive. She’s proud of the city she grew up in, and looks forward to doing even more to help it thrive.

“I know the Plano that we used to be, I know the Plano that we are, and I see the Plano that we can be, which is a more diverse, welcoming community,” she said. “I believe that every day when I go home.”

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