Joint problems are a pain. The sooner you take action, the sooner you get your life back.


No one ever “wants” knee, elbow, shoulder or hip surgeries, but when those complex joints fail, procrastination isn’t in anyone’s favor. These critical body parts can degenerate for many obvious reasons: arthritis, genetics, age, obesity, chronic running and because of less common culprits like orthopedic tumors, infections or auto immune disorders.

The sooner one addresses the issue, the sooner quality of life, normal mobility, recreation and work goals are restored. And when the need arises, Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Plano is the busiest and most renown resource for complex joint restoration in the North Texas Region.

 Why is that?

“BSWHealth Plano utilizes the latest in all technical parts of surgeries: cutting-edge custom implants and internal prosthetics, more modern anesthetics and physical therapy protocols, reducing length of hospital stay and recovery time,” says Nathan F. Gilbert, M.D., board certified orthopedic surgeon with BSWHealth.

Dr. Gilbert says what sets apart BSWHealth relating to complex joint care is its comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach. “In one facility, we have multiple physicians on hand for collaboration. Internal medicine doctors, infectious disease specialists, hospitalists, plastic surgeons and ancillary staff  including physical therapists, anesthesiologists and highly trained supporting healthcare teams – anyone that could possibly be needed for complicated joint replacements or revisions of previous replacements is here”

Patients in need have discovered BSWHealth Plano’s sterling reputation for handling the most sophisticated complex joint cases – ones that can only be successfully rectified at true medical referral facilities across the country.


“Because we have more volume, we are able to have highest-end experts on hand to implement specialized care for all ranges of complex joint problems,” Dr. Gilbert says.

Of course, proper diet, exercise and mental wellbeing can help slow down knee, elbow, shoulder and hip degeneration, but if these complex joints have deteriorated beyond home remedies, don’t delay. Take the first step to full mobility and get your life back.

Call 1-844-BSW.DOCS or visit today.

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Plano


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