LaShon Ross is the Best Candidate for Plano City Council Place 7

Political Ad Paid for by the LaShon Ross for Plano City Council Campaign

City Council is NOT an entry level position. EXPERIENCE MATTERS. Experience makes LaShon Ross the best candidate for Plano City Council Place 7.

Numerous former (and some present) members of Plano City Council over the past 20 years have privately said there definitely is a steep learning curve when one first joins the council and begins to truly understand city operations and its budget in depth. Even the best and brightest have admitted it takes quite a while to become comfortable making significant operational and financial decisions that impact our citizens.

However, as the former Deputy City Manager with numerous department heads reporting to her, including police, fire-rescue, libraries, parks and recreation (among others), LaShon Ross would be able, on her first day in office, to know what should be done and how to do it. LaShon’s depth of knowledge, record of making sound decisions on our city’s behalf and ability to understand and discuss critical city issues with her fellow council members is truly unique.

LaShon Ross has dedicated almost 30 years of her life working for municipalities. After 13 years as the City of Texarkana’s Human Resources Director, she was hired in 2001 as the City of Plano’s Human Resources Director. After 10 years, she was promoted to Plano Deputy City Manager, a role from which she retired in 2016.

In 2018 the City of Plano surveyed its residents about reasons they like living in Plano. The results were very clear and they were summarized into three categories:

1. Community / People / Culture / Diversity
2. Crime Rate / Safety / Law Enforcement
3. Amenities / Activities / Convenience

If residents were to take a look at a City of Plano organization chart from when LaShon last served the city, they would find that all of the top three reasons people love living in Plano were significantly influenced by LaShon during her service or oversight. LaShon explains how she impacted the top three reasons people choose to live in Plano:

1. Community / People / Culture / Diversity

From LaShon: “As director of a centralized HR department, I had the opportunity to influence policy and relationships for all employees. One of the most impactful initiatives for the culture and performance of the City of Plano was when City Management accepted my recommendation for a Succession Planning and Leadership Development Program, ‘Management Preparation Program of Plano.’ I developed this program during my first year in Plano; the first class graduated in 2003, and it is ongoing today. MP3 is nationally-recognized and ensures competent leaders are in place to encourage continuity of services for our community, regardless of staff turnover.”

2. Crime Rate / Safety / Law Enforcement

From LaShon: “Accepting the role of Deputy City Manager allowed me to work more directly with Police, Fire-Rescue, 911 and Emergency Management to:

  • Ensure processes, staff and other resources are in place to ensure our community is safe and plans are in place to address future safety, security, emergency medical and emergency preparedness needs
  • Support Police and Fire initiatives (such as the Police Department’s Homeless Outreach Team) to proactively address homelessness in Plano
  • Introduce the Community Paramedic Program to enhance patient education and compliance and prevent hospital readmissions
  • Equip 911 Calltakers with resources to respond to emergency calls that originate in various ways, as required in an evolving, digital environment”

3. Amenities / Activities / Convenience

From LaShon: “Plano provides leisure activities, recreation spaces, and educational opportunities like none other. Building the facility at Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve and translating citizen feedback into updates for other recreation facilities is a source of pride for the community and city staff. The Adults 50+ page on is an example of the work that reflects city staff’s attentiveness to citizen input. The self-check process for borrowing and returning materials in Libraries, convenient online registration for classes through Parks & Recreation, and on-street bicycles routes are typical of the concierge-like services the City of Plano provides and Plano citizens expect. I am proud to have worked with these departments for 7 years to provide and enhance these services.”

LaShon Ross is the most well-prepared candidate for Plano City Council Seat 7.

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Political Ad Paid for by the LaShon Ross for Plano City Council Campaign

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