Neighborhood Goods’ The Commons to Feature Local Creators

Neighborhood Goods // photo Jennifer Shertzer
Neighborhood Goods // photo Jennifer Shertzer

Neighborhood Goods is an innovative retail store at Legacy West that brings a curatorial, minimalist approach to its shops. By keeping most of the inventory of its collection of rotating brands stored behind closed doors, the store is set up almost like a museum where guests are invited to touch the products on display. Shoppers can walk around the beautiful, light-filled store and easily view all products for sale. If something catches the eye, a sales associate will assist with purchasing, or guests can request the product via the Neighborhood Goods app, limiting social interaction. Whether highly extroverted, highly introverted, or somewhere in between, the shopping experience has been cultivated with all types in mind. 

This summer, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Neighborhood Goods is launching The Commons, a new initiative to provide brands, restaurateurs, musicians and artists of all types whose business have been affected by the shelter-in-place order a physical location where they can revitalize their businesses.

Neighborhood Goods opened its first store at Legacy West Nov. 2018 // photo Jennifer Shertzer
Neighborhood Goods opened its first store at Legacy West Nov. 2018 // photo Jennifer Shertzer

For small businesses that sell products, they will be able to sell inside Neighborhood Goods. For chefs, they will be able to use the onsite kitchen and restaurant, Prim & Proper, to feature their food. For musicians, they will be able to perform live at the store. On top of this, they will also host job fairs for local employers. They want to find a creative solution to each small business’ problem, no matter how insurmountable that problem may seem.

The start date of The Commons initiative is unknown at this time due to the changing nature of the pandemic, but they hope to launch sometime this summer. 

Apply here, if you’d like to apply for your small business to be a part of The Commons.

Apply here to nominate a small business.

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