Plano 2020 | The Year in Photos

Whether you want to forget it ever happened, or you consider it a time of immense growth and learning, 2020 was an historic year. A once-in-a-century global pandemic, protests calling for racial justice, a presidential election – these were all nationwide events that had their own unique impacts here in Plano.

Some of our collective memories made here in 2020 were good, like the community rallying to support healthcare workers and patronize small businesses. Some memories were painful, like losing loved ones to a new virus. And some things that happened this year were just plain weird, like that time the City of Plano fireworks show went awry, but everything else happening was so crazy that we were all done talking about it just a few days later.

From January through December, here are just a few memorable moments from 2020 in Plano:

Revisit the photo gallery of our first few months in quarantine, or read how Plano residents were dealing with the pandemic back in May.

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