Plano East FFA Seeking Supplies for Rescued Animals

Plano East Future Farmers of America students / courtesy Plano East FFA
Plano East Future Farmers of America students / courtesy Plano East FFA

The Future Farmers of America (FFA) chapter at Plano East Senior High was established in 1982. FFA is still going strong at Plano East, and the students are currently running their newest initiative, Preparing for New Paws. This project is in support of Mazie’s Mission, a veterinary clinic in Carrollton that specifically serves rescued animals.

To support Mazie’s Mission, Plano East FFA is hosting a pet supply drive. The drive accepts collars, crates, beds, leashes, toys and towels that are new or gently used. The students also have an Amazon wishlist from which individuals can select an item to donate.

courtesy Plano East FFA
courtesy Plano East FFA

The purpose behind the drive is to help offload some of the costs for new pet owners. This way, more people will be able to consider adopting a rescued animal. Whether an individual is fostering or adopting through Mazie’s Mission, they’ll be able to pick up a free collar, leash, food bowl, bed and toys for their dog or cat.

“Each and every rescue animal has a unique and special story. There are so many rescues full of personality and heart that are in need of good homes,” shared FFA Vice President and Community Service Chair Jenna Moon. “I hope that by supporting them, we will help give more animals a chance at a new life.”

Jenna is spearheading the pet supplies drive as part of earning her Girl Scouts Gold Award, the highest honor a Girl Scout can earn. The Gold Award requires that a Scout spends a minimum of 80 hours, with the support of a community team that she builds, on an initiative that causes lasting positive change in the community.

“This is one thing that we could do to brighten a dog’s day,” shared FFA Secretary Zee Mucheson. “They have feelings, too, they just show it in a different way. When I see how excited they are with something as simple as a new dog bowl, that brightens my day.”

Plano East FFA will be accepting donations for Preparing for New Paws through April 2021. If you’d like to make a donation, drop it off at Plano East Building 3 during school hours, shop the Amazon wishlist or email Jenna Moon for pick up. Items in need are listed below.

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