Top 5 things to do with your library this April

Photo provided by Plano Public Library.
Make plans for your money, hear about space exploration, see zoo animals and more with this month’s Top 5 Things To Do at your library.

From preschool to professional, Plano Public Library (PPL) has something for everyone. Not interested in reading? No biggie – PPL is #morethanbooks! Check out some of their upcoming events – in-person and virtual – for all your educating and entertaining needs:

  1. Visit and celebrate the newly renovated Harrington Library (all ages)

Join in the fun and celebrate a renovated Harrington Library on Sunday, April 2, 1-3 pm. Enjoy bubbles, games, refreshments and other activities for all ages while you explore new and expanded spaces, including a renovated children’s area and program room, dedicated teen space, Digital Creation Space, new study rooms and additional meeting space. An official ribbon cutting with Mayor John B. Muns takes place at 1:10 pm.

Photo provided by Plano Public Library.
  1. Boost money management skills (various ages)

Prepare for a financially stable future with opportunities for all ages to learn about money matters. Plano Public Library is your source for learning during National Financial Literacy Month this April.

  • STEAM Emporium (all ages) – April 7 at Haggard Library
  • 5 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score (adults) – April 11 at Parr Library
  • Retirement Basics (adults) – April 14 via Zoom
  • A Plan for My Money (all ages) – April 16 at Schimelpfenig Library
  • The Questions Behind Making Good Investments (adults) – April 18 at Davis Library, presented by the US Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Funding Options for Small Business (adults) – April 20 at Schimelpfenig Library
  • TUES Managing Fluctuations in Income (adults) – April 23 at Haggard Library
  • Light it Up (Grades 6-12) – April 29 at Davis Library
  • SNAP* Budgeting Workshop (teens/adults) – April 30 at Parr Library

Find more information on these programs in Engage or on our online calendar. Find additional information on our Money Smart page.

*SNAP programs are sensory-friendly and targeted toward the needs of neurodivergent individuals. For more information email

  1. Schedule a family outing to a puppet show (all ages)

What better activity for a preschooler than to enjoy a story played out with puppets, laughter and family! Bring grandparents, siblings or friends along to enjoy the fun.  Evening and Saturday showtimes are included. Find details of puppet shows and storytimes on our website at

  • Three Little Pigs – April 11, 12, 13, 15 at Davis Library 
  • Soup Opera – April 24, 25, 29 at Schimelpfenig Library

Perform your own puppet show at home with a theme bag available for check out with your library card. Access a variety of topics for loads of at-home fun!

  1. Connect with animals from the Dallas Zoo (all ages)

Things will get wild when the Dallas Zoo presents Wild Times, an interactive program featuring a variety of birds, mammals and reptiles. Join us at Haggard Library on Saturday, April 15 at 2 pm. Arrive early for free tickets, available in person only, 30 minutes prior to the program.

Explore amazing animal and wildlife facts, photos and activities with National Geographic Kids online, free anytime with your Plano Library card! See the eBooks & More section of our website for details. Best for children aged 6-14.

Photo provided by Plano Public Library.
  1. Zoom out into space with NASA Ambassador (all ages)

Is there potential for life on Europa, Jupiter’s moon? Learn how NASA will use Europa Clipper’s instruments to map the surface composition of Jupiter’s icy moon and collect samples of Europoa’s surface at Exploring Jupiter’s Icy Moon on Saturday, April 22 at 3pm at Davis Library. Arrive 30 minutes prior to get free tickets for the program. 

Photo provided by Plano Public Library.

If you do not already have a Plano Public Library card, be sure to register online here. All Plano Public Library locations are open to use computers, browse the collection, and attend in-person programs. Porch side pickup for holds is available, and you can always access eLibrary content online. For more information visit our website at

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